Amos Chew, our newest MALD student

L-R: Joel (brother), William (father), Julia (mother), Amos & Bernice (girlfriend)

This new academic year, we have about 10 new students from five different countries and Amos Chew is a Singaporean student who has enrolled for Master of Arts in Leadership (MALD). Below is a short Q&A to get to know him just a little better as he begins his journey of development through EAST.

1.     How did I find out about EAST, and came to study at EAST?

I found out about EAST from a friend! He was telling me about EAST and what he has studied and learnt there. I was interested in learning more of the Bible, so I went to look up the EAST website, browsed through the courses, and found the MALD program. I have always been fascinated about the topic on leadership and have always wanted to learn more. After looking at the modules and praying about it, I decided to enquire and apply. Like they said, the rest is history.

2.     What I have learnt at EAST Aleph so far?

EAST Aleph is a great immersion and orientation program. I got to learn about the college, its vision and mission, the academic program, Populi (student learning management system) and faculty members. I was able to learn from modules that will assist all new students as we transition into the semester, experience the body life via weekly chapel and the love and care from the EAST family. Aleph is a great program and it has been a superb experience.

3.     My most memorable experience at EAST Aleph.

There are so many memorable experiences, from going to lunch with the classmates to panic mode when first reading through the course syllabuses. My most memorable experience at Aleph were the Chapel services together. It was a very memorable and impactful experience.

4. What I was doing before I entered EAST?

I worked as a PE teacher, on an adjunct capacity for 1 year (2014), before spending 1 year in Bohol, Philippines. This was, what I consider, the start of my faith ministry journey. In 2016-2017, I spent 2 years in Australia to study Christian Ministries & Theology, and Cross Cultural Studies. I came back in 2018 and got commended to full time work as a  youth ministry worker at the start of 2021.

5. Where would I be going after being equipped at EAST?

I am hoping to learn as much as I can from the MALD course about leadership. With the knowledge, skill sets, and life transformation of a servant leader, I will be able to add value in a deeper way to the ministries that God leads me to.

My heart’s desire is to go to the nations: do development work as a ministry, set-up outreach programs to meet needs, teach and serve as a servant leader in the harvest field.

6. Share with us some hobbies you have aside from ministry and work.

I love to play sports and exercise. I am a sports enthusiast. I enjoy pushing my body physically, though stressful at times. I enjoy physical activities because of the power of play – doing physical activity together connects people seamlessly.

7. Which church and what ministries are you in right now?

I am from Bethesda Hall (Ang Mo Kio). I am currently doing a fair bit of one on one ministries, young adult ministry, Sunday School, football ministry and an exercise initiative called “Sweatsesh” at our church, fortnightly on Fridays.

Do pray for Amos and his new cohort of students as they begin the new academic year of 2022-2023 at EAST that they will be well developed in their hearts, heads and hands to serve the wider Christian body, and in fulfilling the Great Commission mandate. Pray that their journey at EAST will be a truly transformative, God-encountering experience with strong bonds of accountable friendships formed to undergird their lives and ministry. 

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