What do we do if my child is COVID positive?


“This e-book is written to provide parents and caregivers of children below 12 yeras old with a reassuring and handy guide to our Ministry of Health’s latest efforts as we learn to live with COVID,” as stated in the blurb. It is noted that the book was based on advisories and information valid as of 18 February 2022.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

“A BREATH OF FRESH AIR” By Dr Lau Ying Kheng, faculty at East Asia School of Theology

In April this year, the 2nd wave of Covid-19 engulfed India, taking away over 7 million jobs. Almost overnight, 9,000 Indian children lost one or both parents (theguardian.com). It was devastating.

That wave made a splash in my life a month later. One early morning, while praying and preparing for a talk on “Freedom”, the Lord asked me, “You said your heart is broken for India, so what will you do for her?”

I shared this burden with my Bible study group two hours later; two of the ladies told me, “God asked me the same question before I came!” Read more

COVID Home Recovery Guide for Families & Kids


“This book is written for young children to provide a reassuring peek into the journey of recovering from COVID at home. It is also meant as a handy guide for parents and caregivers with children going through Singapore’s Home Recovery Programme (HRP) for COVID,” according to the blurb on this ebook.

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EAST Adjunct Faculty: Ps Daniel Chua Re-tires

Ps Daniel & Phoebe Chua


Recently, Ps Daniel Chua, an EAST Adjunct Faculty who has been our Staff Retreat Speaker and taught classes like Pastoral Leadership and Exposition of Ruth announced that he will be retiring as the Pastor-at-large of Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church which he has been shepherding for the past 33 years by the end of this October. EAST News caught up with him recently as he “re-tires” (which he refers to in this next phase of his life and ministry).

Ps Daniel has been married to Phoebe for 37 years, and together they have three adult children who are all married (eldest son Timothy & daughter-in-law Melanie, daughter Evelyn and son-in-law Melvin, and youngest son John Calvin and daughter-in-law Lynette) and five grandchildren. When the Singapore-Johor border re-opens, he and his wife will reside in Johor Bahru where his two grandchildren live but will nonetheless still make regular visits to Singapore.

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