Mongolian Alumni in Recovery from Covid-19

EAST News caught up with two more Alumni families from Mongolia in recent weeks. They have varying experiences of Covid-19 and the updates are as follow.

Left to Right: Uuganaa, Tengis (5), Ninjin (9), Una

Uuganbaatar Chuluunbaatar, or better known as Uuganna, who graduated in 2016 with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies was recently affected by Covid-19 in April, together with his wife Una and two young children Ninjin, 9, and Tengis, 5. But thanks be to God, their entire family are fully recovered and the picture above was taken on 1 June which is Children’s Day in Mongolia when their family was healthy enough to go on a day hike. After graduating from EAST, Uuganaa was the Missions Department Leader in Mongolia CRU but he has received a new appointment in May to be a Youth Strategy Leader. Do uphold him in prayers as he adjust to his new role and thank God for preserving his health and his family’s health from the Covid-19 episode.


Left to Right: Baataraa, Odko (18), Zula

Baatarsuren Bayanmandakh, warmly known as Baataraa, graduated in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Leadership. He is also currently serving in Mongolia CRU. Both his wife Zulaa and him are involved with the Global Church Movement of Mongolia CRU. It is the church planting arm of the organisation and they help to train churches in evangelism and discipleship, often even working among the nomads in Mongolia. Unfortunately their family also came down with Covid-19 since early May, Baataraa has recovered well but Zulaa still needs more time in her recovery, thankfully Odko was not affected at all. The picture above was taken on 21 May at Odko’s graduation.  Do continue to pray for Zula to recover fully from Covid-19 and pray for Odko to focus on finishing his studies well. 

Update on 6 Jul 2021: Zulaa has also recovered from Covid-19. Thanks for your prayers.

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