Singapore Charismatic Renewal Started in 1972



Mr Thomas Franks, husband of EAST alumna, Ms Hannah Zhong, produced (and initially researched and wrote) a church history documentary video on the Charismatic renewal movement that started in 1972, dubbed Revival 1972: When the Holy Spirit stirred the schools of Singapore.

In the words of Thomas, “By documenting the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit in Singapore starting in 1972, the video aims to inspire the next generation to seek God & His purposes. So far, the documentary has had an amazing impact at live screenings in churches even over this weekend [of 23-24 July 2022]! … As we honour & remember God’s work in the past, may we also look ahead in hope to what God will do both now & in the future!”

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Faculty in 1.1.1 Revival Prayer Movement


Above is a Korean video clip (with English subtitles) of Dr Justine Han sharing prayer requests for Singapore. It is part of mobilising prayer through the 1.1.1 Prayer Revival Ministry. Dr Justine Han, along with her husband, Dr Raymond Song, are both resident faculty members of EAST. She teaches Christian Marriage and Family and Biblical Counselling courses at EAST. The write-up below by Dr Justine Han gives an insight into the genesis of the 1.1.1 Revival Prayer Movement which she is involved in.

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