New Graduates – Kim Hak-Soo & Park Ok-Hee, Korea

Kim Hak Soo (MDiv Christian Ministry) & Park Ok-Hee (Partners in Ministry)


“If life were a road trip, I conclude that the roughest, windiest and steepest roads lead us to the most breath-taking views” (Allie Penner, The Well Blog).

In 2019, Kim Hak-Soo was invited to a chapel service at EAST. As the worship team played, he felt a deep connection with God which extended that short tour into a four-year road trip.

One of the first things that impressed the associate pastor of Korean Church in Singapore was “Servant Leadership.” “I’d heard the term before,” says Hak Soo, “but at EAST I experienced it.”

“Through the teaching and lives of Leadership professors like Dr Chan, as we were invited to professors’ home for meals, and the camaraderie of my mentoring group guys in prayer and ministry weekends. I saw servant-leadership – the willingness to serve like Jesus – in action.”

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New Student – Ms Pang, MAICS, Singapore

Ms Pang at a Bible Study in Japan


Ms Pang is a new student enrolled at EAST. She is a Singaporean who grew up in a Christian family with a first degree in pharmacy. She worships in a Brethren church where an EAST alumnus has served as a pastor. Below is a brief interview to get to know her journey to EAST better.

1. How did you first get to know about EAST and become interested in enrolling as a program student?

I got to know about EAST through an online search, and also heard about the school from my church pastor who is an EAST alumnus. I got interested through the EAST website, and attended the online eOpen House 2022.

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Graduate’s Story – Lee Poh Chin, MAICS 2023

Lee Poh Chin (Singapore), MA Intercultural Studies (2023)

“The journey, not the destination matters” (T. S. Eliot, poet, essayist, Nobel Prize Literature laureate in 1948).

“I’m here for the ride,” says Lee Poh Chin, principal-mentor of an international school ministry in Kampong Speu, Cambodia, before she came to EAST. The PhD holder in Human Movement and Exercise Science from University of Western Australia wanted a school that prepares her to serve among Khmer people. “EAST has not disappointed me,” she says.

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EAST Express Tabao Theology Podcast: How to suffer well


How does one have hope amidst trials?

Suffering is experienced by every person who has ever lived or is living on earth. In this episode of EAST EXPRESS Tabao Theology podcast, Rev Jacob Li, Dr Lewis Winkler, and Ms Anj Pantaleon sought biblical and theological responses to the questions on suffering together with personal and practical responses to issues pertinent to Christians & non-Christians today.

The podcast brings us to examine how as Christians, we fall back on the example of Christ who suffered for the hope set before Him of God’s greater glory ahead. Moreover, we have the comfort of the Holy Spirit who dwells within us as we go through various challenges on earth.

Do visit the links below to either view or listen to the podcast in video or audio format.

EAST YouTube video podcast:

EAST Spotify audio podcast:

Graduands’ Testimonies

Left: Japheth Chew, Right: Lee Poh Chin (EAST Graduands 2023)


EAST News (EN) had an opportunity to have a chat with both Japheth Chew (JC) and Lee Poh Chin (PC), both of whom will graduate on 20 May 2023. Japheth came to EAST in December 2021 from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, to pursue a Graduate Diploma. During his studies, he has also served as the EAST Student Council Vice President and worshipped at Cornerstone Community Church. Poh Chin, a Singaporean, has served in the education sector for a few decades, both locally and overseas, before starting an EAST Master of Arts program in July 2020. She currently worships at Covenant Evangelical Free Church and was a core-team leader of the Hillington Green Covenant Group (CG) before it went back to on-site meetings.

Below is an extract of the short interview done with both of them by Tan Eng Kwang (Associate Dean of Advancement) regarding their experiences at EAST.

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