Alumnus Robin Png – Two-time Cancer Survivor

Alumnus Robin Png who graduated in 1996 with a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counselling is married to Jennifer, his partner in ministry. He is also a two-time cancer survivor of stage 3 nose cancer in 2012 and leukemia in 2017. He is currently a Care Pastor for the Restorative Hearts ministry. He reaches out to cancer patients and persons with mental wellness concerns by giving restorative talks, conducting support group meetings, providing professional counseling and pastoral care, and doing hospital and home visits. He is presently overseeing ten restorative groups – four cancer wellness and six mental wellness groups.

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Alumna: God’s Perfect Plan for Me

When Koh Li Ting, came to EAST in 2012, she was already diagnosed with stage-3C melanoma cancer. “I never dreamed that I’d complete my studies,” she says.

Not only did the former Cru Singapore campus staff reach the finishing line, she was preparing herself to serve in a land God had called her to since she was 17 years old. “Ten years ago, I spent six months in one of its cities,” she says, “and saw how God could use a Singaporean like me to reach out to the minority people groups.”

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