Updates from a Myanmar Alumnus

Alumnus Tuja, with wife and three daughters.

EAST News caught up with an alumnus from Myanmar, Tu Ja, who graduated in 2005 with a Master of Arts in Mission and Evangelism. He send his greetings and updates below.

Dear EAST Family,

I am Tu Ja from Myanmar. I graduated from EAST in 2005. Thank you for letting me to share with you about my family and my country, Myanmar.

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Sacred Rest Workshop for Sisters (Evening)


“Rest is the greatest investment in your overall enjoyment of life and productivity of work!” – Dr Dalton Smith

Are you feeling burnout or lack of energy all the time?

Discover seven ways to rest. A rest test will be conducted to find out your areas of needed rest! Those who have taken past Sacred Rest workshop shared that it has helped them to

– identify signs of rest deficit and its solutions
– learn what is needed to find Sacred Rest
– prioritise rest in life for that is how God has created us
– follow a God-given model to rest on the 7th day

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A for Aleph, EAST Aleph!


Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. At East Asia School of Theology (EAST), the term EAST Aleph refers to a two-week immersion experience for new students. It occurs each July before the start of a new academic year and is considered the start of matriculation for EAST’s academic programs. Below is a brief report on this year’s EAST Aleph (2-16 July 2021) written by Mrs Josephine Goh-Lew, an EAST Resident Faculty and the Director of Mentoring Groups. It also includes a reflection on the event by a new student, Mr Daniel Yoncer, who went through the actual EAST Aleph.

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EAST New Logo

One of the many new things that the Lord has done at EAST-“New Logo”.

The colour green signifies growth. The cross represents Jesus Christ who is the source and goal of our faith. The flame which is also shaped like a dove represents both the Holy Spirit and the fireseeds of the gospel. The book is in reference to the Holy Bible which is for our life transformation.

View the video below for our refreshed brand and the rationale behind the new logo.

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Korean Alumnus Serves Cru Regionally: Daniel Ko


Recently, EAST News got in touch with Daniel Ko (MA in Biblical Studies, 2011). He is currently serving regionally with eight Southeast Asian countries and the International Graduate School of Theology (IGSL), Philippines, an EAST’s sister seminary. He wrote his update in Korean and it has been translated into English below.

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