North Indian Student: Worchuirin Horam

Worchuirin Horam at EAST Mission Hub, July 2022

Introducing another new student from North India, Worchuirin Horam, who is pursuing Master of Arts in Leadership. Her brother is an Alumnus Haimi Horam who studied Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. Below is a short interview with this petite lady with a big heart for God:

  1. What were you doing before you came to EAST?

I was a Secondary School Teacher in a mission school in North India before I came to EAST. I had worked as a missionary teacher for more than a decade in different schools. While I taught at school, I was a part time women counsellor in a women hostel from 2018-2021. I was also a Sunday school teacher from 2017-2019. I worked as an outreach and evangelism leader, Discipleship task group leader from 2012-2015 in North India. I also lived in an orphanage and spend a couple of years(2011-2013) to share my life with them, helped them, counselled them and prayed with them for two precious years with those precious girls. Read more

Mongolian Student: Taivan & his family have arrived in Singapore!


On 13th October 2021, Taivan and his family finally arrived in Singapore from Mongolia. Taivan and his wife Tungaa are both staff of Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ, or now known as Cru Mongolia. In fact, Taivan has been the director of Mongolia Young Life ministry for the past ten years. Below is a short interview with Taivan regards to his life and ministry prior to enrolling at EAST for the Master of Arts in Leadership program. The family is currently serving a 10-day quarantine before moving to their new home in Bukit Panjang. Also, Taivan has arrived in Singapore in the thick of the first semester full of assignments to fulfil. Do keep this family who is in transition in your prayers as you read to get to know them better.

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