North Indian Student: Worchuirin Horam

Worchuirin Horam at EAST Mission Hub, July 2022

Introducing Worchirin Horam, a new student from North India, who is pursuing Master of Arts in Leadership. Her brother is an Alumnus Haimi Horam who graduated with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. We chatted with this petite lady with a big heart for God:

1. What were you doing before you came to EAST?
My last posting was a teacher at a mission school in North India before I came to EAST. I had worked as a missionary teacher for more than a decade in different schools. Besides that, I was a part-time women counsellor in a women hostel from 2018-2021. I taught Sunday school from 2017-2019. I also served as a outreach and evangelism leader, the discipleship task group leader from 2012-2015 in North India. I lived in an orphanage and spend a couple of years (2011-2013) sharing my life with those living there. I helped and counselled them, prayed with them during my stay there.

I was a worship leader in my church in North India. Besides this, I went for mission trips to different unreached places in North India. I was involved in prayer and intercession ministry with the youths and young women in the church. I trained the school choir of the mission school where I taught.

2. What led you to study in EAST?
I attended the different workshops organised by Dr Josephine Lam and Dr Tan Ying Kheng and was greatly impacted by those workshops. Josephine Lam’s workshop reached out to the pre-believers (my students). Many shared that they learned a lot and started to apply the lessons learnt. Since then, I decided to find out more about EAST. Besides, I saw the changes in the life of my brother, Haimi (an alumnus of EAST) whose ministry perspectives and a growing passion for ministry motivated me to do likewise. Dr Josephine Lam and Dr Jacob Li, Dr Ying Kheng and my brother to pray and consider studying in EAST. I decided to ask God if enrolling in EAST is His next step for me. After several months of praying and deliberation, I took the step of faith to apply as a student in EAST.

3. What program did you enrolled for in EAST? What do you hope to learn in your time in EAST and Singapore?
I have enrolled in the MA in Leadership at EAST. I want to know Jesus and His Word in a deeper way and be transformed into the kind of leader He wants me to become. As I begin my term in EAST, I also seek God to use me to make an impact wherever He wants to send me to. I also want to trust to prepare and transform my life so that I can be used to transform others.

4. Share 3 prayer requests
First of all, I want to thank God that EAST has accepted me as a student. I am in a blessed place to be trained and equipped in His word so that transformation can take place in my life.

Secondly, I covet your prayers for me to obtain my student pass. Please pray that God will provide for all my needs during the time in EAST as well as staying in Singapore.

Thirdly, do keep the students (pre-believers) that I left behind in India that Jesus would be merciful to them, that they will have an encounter Him and find His will in their future pursuit of life.

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