North Indian Student: Worchuirin Horam

Worchuirin Horam at EAST Mission Hub, July 2022

Introducing another new student from North India, Worchuirin Horam, who is pursuing Master of Arts in Leadership. Her brother is an Alumnus Haimi Horam who studied Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. Below is a short interview with this petite lady with a big heart for God:

  1. What were you doing before you came to EAST?

I was a Secondary School Teacher in a mission school in North India before I came to EAST. I had worked as a missionary teacher for more than a decade in different schools. While I taught at school, I was a part time women counsellor in a women hostel from 2018-2021. I was also a Sunday school teacher from 2017-2019. I worked as an outreach and evangelism leader, Discipleship task group leader from 2012-2015 in North India. I also lived in an orphanage and spend a couple of years(2011-2013) to share my life with them, helped them, counselled them and prayed with them for two precious years with those precious girls.

  1. What led you to study in EAST?

I attended the different workshops organised by Josephine Lam and Dr Ying Kheng and was greatly impacted by those workshops. Josephine Lam reached out to the pre-believers (my students) and their lives were impacted too through those workshops. Ever since then, I became quite inquisitive about EAST. Besides, I saw the transformation in terms of ministry perspective and the passion for ministry in the life of my brother Haimi who is an alumnus of EAST. Josephine lam and Jacob Li, Dr Ying Kheng and my brother motivated and inspired me to apply at EAST. I, then finally made up my mind to bring it before the Lord in prayer. I prayed much as I never wanted to be outside of God’s will in every little detail of my life and today, I can assuredly say that to be a student at EAST is God’s appointment and not a mere coincidence.

  1. Were you a worship leader in your church? What kind of ministry were you involved in?

I was a worship leader in my church in North India. I also taught in Sunday school, went for mission trips to different unreached places in North India. I was involved in prayer and intercession ministry with the youths and young women in the church. I trained the school choir of the mission school where I taught.

  1. What program did you sign up for in EAST? What do you hope to learn in your time in EAST and Singapore

I have enrolled for MA in Leadership at EAST. I want to pursue Jesus deeper while I am at EAST and be transformed to be the kind of leader He seeks for to bring greater kingdom impact wherever he will lead me to after my training at EAST. I want God to prepare me and transform my life to be a part of the remnant that He is raising up to bring kingdom transformation in the lives of the people He will lead me to in the future.

  1. Share 3 prayer requests

First of all, I want to thank God for EAST. I am in a blessed place to be trained and equipped in His word that I pray will further transform my life to Jesus be known in and through me.

Secondly, I covet your prayers for me to get my student pass smoothly on time, also that God would open doors to provide my needs for my stay here at EAST and in Singapore and that I would continue to trust Jesus, the Good Shepherd and the reason I live for even more in everything and would live to please Him in all my ways.

Thirdly, do keep the students(pre-believers) I left behind in India that Jesus would be merciful to them to encounter Him and find His will in their future pursuit of life.

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