Inter-Collegiate Games 2023

  • Amos Chew, 1st year MA in Leadership. Football team leader of EAST, and emcee at eOpen House 2023.


After four years, the Inter Collegiate Games(ICG) 2023 resumed on the 3rd of March. Inter-collegiate games are sports competitions between different bible colleges or seminaries. These games can be a great opportunity for students to represent their school and showcase their abilities. The ICG comprises 5 competitive games and 1 indoor activity. Alongside these activities, there were snacks and ice cream provided by the host school, Singapore Bible College, for family, friends and alumni who came down to cheer and support their loved ones.

There was excitement when it was announced that ICG will be held this year! However, the excitement isn’t uniform. Some were excited because ICG is an event that unifies Singapore’s different seminaries, others were excited to be able to just play sports, and others were excited by the prospect of displaying their talents and getting the first prize and more. The motivations behind one’s excitement are an interesting insight because from those motivations we will be able to track one’s personal understanding of the purpose of the ICG.

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Frenzy Friendly Football: TTC vs EAST


Five seminaries in Singapore came together for a sports day on 3 March 2023 after a hiatus of 4 years due to Covid-19 pandemic. An evergreen sports event at such an Inter Collegiate Games (ICG) is football.

Watch the frenzy of a friendly football five-a-side match between Trinity Theological College (TTC) and East Asia School of Theology (EAST). The above was taken when EAST (in green) scored the first goal of the match against TTC (in red). GOAAAAAL! TTC did equalise at the second half of the match. Read more

Inter-Collegiate Games 2023


Inter-Collegiate Games 2023 – 校际运动会2023

Connect through Sports 以运动相连 | Build Friendship in Him 在主里相交 | ALL and ONE for Christ 一切为基督

Join us for a fun day, cheer for the teams, meet new friends and make good memories with your school and all. 让我们欢度这一天,为运动员呐喊助威,结交新的朋友,一起留下美好的记忆吧!

Date & time: Fri, March 3, 2023, 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Location: Singapore Bible College – 新加坡神学院

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Inter College Games 2018

The annual Inter College Games 2018 sees the participation of seminaries in Singapore competing in friendly sports matches. This year the sports include Basketball, Captain’s Ball, and Soccer. For the cerebral minded, there was Bible Quiz. The desired outcome is reflected in the slogan “Healthy Competition, Healthy Christian.”

The seminaries that participated are Baptist Theological Seminary, East Asia School of Theology, Singapore Bible College, and Trinity Theological College.