New Beginnings: Adjunct Faculty Ng Khim Fatt

Adjunct Faculty Ng Khim Fatt with his wife Chan Wei Har

EAST Alumnus Ng Khim Fatt graduated with a Master of Divinity in Teaching and Exposition in 2016 and his wife Wei Har graduated with a similar degree in 2018. Khim Fatt recently joined EAST as an Adjunct Faculty and will be teaching an evening course on the Exposition of Matthew this semester.

After Khim Fatt’s graduation from EAST, he felt the conviction to pursue further studies in a ThM in New Testament Studies at Trinity Theological College as he wanted to fulfill God’s calling in his life to reach out and equip Christian workers. He felt that teaching with EAST Extension Centers (EECs) aligned with his God’s call upon his life and just before the Covid-19 pandemic started, he had the opportunity to teach a New Testament Narratives class in South Asia through the EECs. During the pandemic, Khim Fatt was able to teach New Testament Foundation and co-teach Greek online for the EECs, in Mandarin even.

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Greek 3:  Intermediate Greek and Exegesis

NT503 Greek 3:  Intermediate Greek and Exegesis (3 credits)
Tuesdays 11am-12.30pm; Thursdays 7.30-9pm

This course strengthens your ability to use Greek in exegesis. Through thorough familiarization, frequent application, and practical evaluation of Koine Greek grammar and syntax, you should grow to be a more careful and accurate interpreter and become more enriched in your interpretation of the New Testament. EAST MDiv and MABS alumni are most welcome to join online!

Pre-requisite:  NT501B Greek 2: Elementary Greek


Benson Goh, PhD, as a Cru Singapore staff worker ( since 1996) was a leader in the campus ministry for nine years, and directed new staff training for three years. He graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in New Testament Biblical Studies in 2017.


This class is for the semester of 20 July to 20 November 2020. It may be conducted fully online or a combination of online and in-person depending on situation. Registration deadline is Monday, 13 July 2020. You may register online or contact us for registration form.