New Beginnings: Adjunct Faculty Ng Khim Fatt

Adjunct Faculty Ng Khim Fatt with his wife Chan Wei Har

EAST Alumnus Ng Khim Fatt graduated with a Master of Divinity in Teaching and Exposition in 2016 and his wife Wei Har graduated with a similar degree in 2018. Khim Fatt recently joined EAST as an Adjunct Faculty and will be teaching an evening course on the Exposition of Matthew this semester.

After Khim Fatt’s graduation from EAST, he felt the conviction to pursue further studies in a ThM in New Testament Studies at Trinity Theological College as he wanted to fulfill God’s calling in his life to reach out and equip Christian workers. He felt that teaching with EAST Extension Centers (EECs) aligned with his God’s call upon his life and just before the Covid-19 pandemic started, he had the opportunity to teach a New Testament Narratives class in South Asia through the EECs. During the pandemic, Khim Fatt was able to teach New Testament Foundation and co-teach Greek online for the EECs, in Mandarin even.

For students who will be attending the Exposition of Matthew evening class, you will be in for a treat of life lessons from what Khim Fatt termed as “Manual for Discipleship Training” (Gospel of Matthew). Aside from the academic aspects of the gospel where links to the Old Testament will be explored, and how the five main sermons in Matthew will be examined, Khim Fatt will bring to the class convicting gems like how Jesus interpreted the Laws and commandments. One example is, “Do not murder.” Khim Fatt explained that when we are angry in our hearts, we are already committing murder. This is food for thought for all of us in that we are all sinners as all of us have been angry at one time or other and we need God’s forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to Khim Fatt, he and his wife are rather “functional people” in that they are not foodies who love to eat, but rather they eat to live. However, this couple has travelled to the Nordic countries on their own and even used the public transportation there – buses, ships, trains when they were there. They have rich life experiences, enjoy catching a movie or two together in a year with Khim Fatt being more of the movie buff. Also, on Saturdays, they enjoy exploring the different park connectors in Singapore together. The last overseas trip they did was The Holy Land Tour with EAST led by Drs Keith and Jeannette Shubert and it was the second time they went to Israel with the Shuberts. If there are opportunities in the future, they might like to revisit and explore Israel on their own, Lord willing.

Prayer Requests:

  1. For me (Khim Fatt) to let God in during my preparation while I put in my best effort. I need to be reminded that it is God who directs and I only need to do my best.
  2. For our health and those of our families (Wei Har’s parents). Wei Har’s father is suffering from dementia and her mother heart issue. In this area I really appreciate EAST’s accommodation for my schedule to care for them when necessary.
  3. For God to show and lead us the next phase in our commitment for church and EAST.

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