Hello, You’re Muted – InterGen Dialogue


Hearing every voice in the inter-generational dialogue

Relationships and communication across the generations of leaders are sometimes filled with tension and misunderstanding. Each generation often carries certain unspoken assumptions about the other, and we may have default ways of communicating that can hinder inter-generational understanding. EAST and Capelle are hosting a face-to-face dialogue to bring the generations together for a time of honest conversations. Hear from the panel members who are in their 30s to 60s, on how we can unlearn and relearn healthy ways to relate to one another, build a culture of inter-generational dialogue, and affirm the unique value that each generation brings to the family of God.

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Webinar: Discipling the Young in Today’s Gadget World

How does one disciple the young person in a gadget crazy world?

Here’s a free webinar for parents, youth and youth leaders on the principle and practice of discipling the young in today’s contemporary culture.

Speakers: Dr Benson Goh and Mrs Josephine Goh (EAST Faculty); Dr Felicia Tay (Clinical Psychologist)
Date: 29 August 2020, Saturday
Time: 10.00 am to 11.00 am
Free Webinar Registration: east.ac/disciplingtheyoung

For other EAST webinars, visit: east.ac/webinars

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