Introducing EAST


East Asia School of Theology (EAST) was established by Campus Crusade for Christ International in 1992. The school began with the purpose of developing and equipping Christian leaders for East Asia and the world. It is a legal division of Cru Asia Ltd., a registered charity incorporated in Singapore.

To date some 375 men and women have graduated from EAST. They are scattered across Asia and around the world. Over 90% of them continue to serve in full-time vocational ministry.


 To help transform East Asia through mobilizing lifetime labourers and sending cross-cultural missionaries to the world by:

  • Being people who truly follow Jesus
  • Boldly proclaiming Jesus
  • Making disciples
  • Multiplying Christ-centred leaders and spiritual movements


The mission of EAST is to develop and equip Christian leaders for the fulfilment of the Great Commission in East Asia and around the world. EAST seeks to develop spiritual leaders who are:

  • Committed to growing in Christ-likeness
  • Passionate spiritual multipliers
  • Learning and living out God’s Word
  • Communicating God’s truth effectively

EAST seeks to accomplish this mission through holistic learning, where students not only learn intellectually (‘know”), but their attitudes and character are also shaped (“be”), leading to actions (“do”). Each of the three dimensions is emphasized in the classroom and assignments as well as field ministry and internships, school retreat, ministry weekend, community life, and Mentoring Groups.

EAST is committed to be a theological school of excellence that develops biblically grounded leaders of spiritual movements for the global harvest.



The learning environment at EAST seeks to provide a conducive context for leadership formation, and development.

L       Life Transformation

We believe Christian ministry should spring from the overflow of a vital and intimate relationship with God. At EAST the core curriculum for all students includes study of the Bible and theology. We recognize that the Scriptures were not written for information only but for transformation. As a result, each member of the EAST community is encouraged to grow in love for God, a commitment to understand and apply the Scriptures, and to live that out in relationships and ministry. The development of the character traits and biblical convictions found in 1 Timothy 2 and Titus 1 are emphasized in the classroom, mentoring relationships, community life, and ministry situations.

 E       Exposure to Global Vision for the Great Commission

EAST aspires to develop in each student a passion and vision for reaching the world for Christ. Students are exposed to the needs of the global harvest field through regular talks by missionaries, prayer times for needs of the world, field-related projects, assignments and course work, and a cross-cultural team internship. EAST seeks to provide an environment that will help students develop as spiritual multipliers.

 A       An Integrated Education

EAST seeks to emphasize the integration of character development, academics, and ministry involvement. Learning occurs not only in a classroom. All aspects of a student’s experience while at EAST can contribute to the formation and development of the spiritual leader. Classes seek to integrate not only an understanding of the Scriptures but also seek to help the student relate biblical truth to the cultural setting, relationships, and ministry.

 D      Development through mentoring and modelling by faculty

EAST is committed to a mentoring model of education. Faculty members serve as mentors to the students, teaching and modelling a lifestyle that demonstrates being a co-sojourner in faith, ministry, godly character, and academic excellence. All program students are part of a Mentoring Group led by a faculty member. As a result there are both planned and spontaneous opportunities to share life together.

 E       Equipping of Spouses

EAST considers spouses of students as partners in ministry and emphasizes this familial commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to Christian service. The Partners in Ministry (PIM) program is designed to help students’ wives grow in biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministry skills.

 R       Relationships and Community Life

EAST seeks to build an environment of caring interpersonal relationships, accountability, encouragement, and acts of grace. This is done through a shared commitment to apply biblical truths in relating to one another in the community of faith. The community emphasis at EAST also provides natural opportunities to learn to forgive others and resolve conflict. Strong relationships often form within Mentoring Groups. These groups encourage personal and spiritual growth. EAST students, who come from many nations and cultures, contribute to the overall missionary preparation and learning experience for the community.

 We recognize that apart from complete dependence on the Lord, our mission, no matter how noble, is impossible. It requires a high level of commitment by each person involved: the faculty, staff, and student body.



EAST operates with the accreditation of and affiliation with the following bodies:

  •  Recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Singapore to offer study programs of religious character since August 1992.
  •  Accreditation by the Asia Theological Association (ATA) to offer the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Additional information at
  •  Accreditation by the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) to offer the Master of Divinity degree. Additional information at
  •  Member of the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST) Alliance Consortium comprised of seminaries in Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand to offer MTh, EdD and PhD degrees to prepare scholars and leaders for the Church and society in Asia. Additional information at
  •  Member of the International Leadership Consortium (ILC), a global network of theological and leadership development institutions. Additional information at
  •  Member of the Fellowship of Missional Organisations of Singapore (FOMOS), an alliance formed between missional organisations in Singapore for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission through mutual edification and effective partnerships. Additional information at