EAST Podcast: Creation Part 2 – Old Earth View


In Isaiah 40:25-26, we read:

“To whom then will you compare me,
That I should be like him?” Says the Holy One.
“Lift up your eyes on high and see:
Who created these?
He who brings out their host by number,
Calling them all by name;
By the greatness of his might,
And because he is strong in power,
Not one is missing.”

In this passage, God himself affirms that he created all things. Indeed, throughout Scripture we see that God’s creation testifies to his glory and might. The fact that he created the universe out of nothing is a core tenet of Christianity. And yet, different believers have conflicting views on exactly when and how God created the universe.

For the second part of our series on Genesis and the age of the earth, I (Matthew Winslow) had a fascinating conversation with Dr Andrew Loke on his views. During our conversation, he explained that he does not believe that we can know anything about the age of the earth just by reading Genesis. Instead, he suggests that Genesis is addressing different topics. Thus, if we want to know how old the earth is, we need to rely on modern scientific techniques to help us answer that question. Contrary to proofs that Young Earth advocates have proposed, Dr Loke argues that the best scientific evidence points to an Old Earth and he believes this view is perfectly compatible with robust, biblical exegesis.

See above (top) for the interview between Mr Matthew Winslow, EAST Resident Faculty, Church History & Systematic Theology, and Dr Andrew Loke, Associate Professor, Dept of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Part 1 (Young-Earth View) of the podcast may be found here.




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