EAST Application Forms & Checklist

You may download the following documents from this page:

# Document Title Purpose
 1. Information for Prospective Students Information for prospective students to help them decide and prepare to apply as program students.
 2. Student Application Form Application form for prospective student to apply to study in an academic program. Must be submitted together with the completed Biographical Information and all related personal documents, academic certificates, and transcripts.
 3. Biographical Information Questions form for prospective student to supply biographical details. Must be submitted together with the completed Student Application.
 4. Character Reference Form Reference form to be given to four suitable persons who are not related to the applicant. These can be a pastor/church leader and three others who know the applicant for at least two years (which may include a friend, teacher, colleague and/or former employer). The completed reference forms must be sent directly back to EAST by the referees.
 5. Financial Aid Application Form Application form for student applicants requesting for financial aid. Submitting a Financial Aid Application does not mean the applicant will be granted any aid. There is no guarantee of financial aid for studies at EAST.


Please refer to the Application Procedure page for further details on the above documents.


See the checklist below for your convenience or view it on the Prospectus.