All School Event 2022


On 4 March 2022,  last Friday, EAST Family gathered for a fun day. The faculty, students and staff, old & young, the Avengers, the cast of Lord of the Ring, and even Moses came with his umbrella. We had songs, laughter and even a dance.  Teams were grouped with unique names like “Baby Shark” and “Three Blind Mice”. We were entertained by the Myanmar Trio (Zaini, Yoe Yoe & Ta Eh), the Bahasa Boy Band headed by Choon Voon the dancing king, a Gregorian chant by none other than our Dr Lewis Winkler and a romantic ballad by our resident crooner Roy Tan.

Here are what some faculty and students had to say about the event:

“I felt happy and joyful to be able to fellowship and have fun in the EAST Community. It reminded me that the joy of the Lord is our strength. As Christians, we can always be joyful in the Lord because of God’s great love towards us.” – Wong Choon Voon, final year MDiv CM student from Malaysia, Student Council President 2021.

“It was good to see the other side of the faculty, staff and students in a relaxed and fun environment. We don’t normally see that in a classroom session. There are a lot of hidden talents among the students and faculty members, which pleasantly surprised me as I discover of the person. It was a fun and enjoyable afternoon in the midst of studying and teaching.” – Dr Samuel Too, currently teaching Theology of Leadership, a resident faculty at EAST.

“It gave me a warm feeling, exactly like a family gathering, and released my stress as well. I have enjoyed it, and I hope the school can arrange more events like that in the future. – Zarni Pyoe Wai Saing, final year Mdiv CM student from Myanmar.

“The All School Event was very fun and heartwarming. Through the worship, games and singing, the faculty, staff and students from multicultural backgrounds contributed their unique talents, strength and humble services. Laughter, energy, and enthusiasm sprang out from our hearts. I truly see the beauty of unity in the body of Christ.” – Rebecca Chen, first year MDiv CM student from East Asia.

“Though I was helping with the AV, I thank God for the fun and laughter that our community could experience together again after being deprived for the last two years. Kudos to the SC for organising a great program!” – Brandon Chan, Student Council President 2022.


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