Update on Tuvshuu & Burnee

Tuvshintugs Tsogtbaatar (Tuvshuu), MA in Leadership (2018) and Burenjargal Jargal (Burnee), PIM Cert/ Grad Dip in Christian Ministry (2018), with their daughters Gerel (11) and Inuka (8), and family pet Lila. (Youngest son, Tergel, inside mum’s tummy at that time) Early November 2020

Over a week ago, on 7 November, Tuvshuu and Burnee, EAST Alumni from 2018 welcomed the arrival of their third child and youngest son named Tergel. In Mongolian, “Tergel” means “full moon”. He has been given this name in the hope that his life will fully reflect God’s light, just like how the full moon reflects the light of the sun. Also, that his life will be full of light and be complete like the “full moon”. His arrival has already brought much light and completion to the Tsogtbaatars, living up to his name.

Tuvshuu and Burnee had the opportunity in the beginning of this year to join EAST’s annual Mentoring Group (MG) Retreat at Changi Village Hotel after having graduated two years ago. It was divinely appointed for them to attend the Digital Missions Workshop while at the retreat. Right after they returned to Mongolia from the retreat, it was when the Covid-19 Pandemic started to grip the world. Churches had to turn to digital means to run their services, and it was no exception in Mongolia. What they had learned from the workshop at EAST MG Retreat could be put to use straightaway. Their church, Bethany Harvest Christian Church, which had a weekly attendance of 150 members went online. Soon, they started having 1,000 viewers every week. People were turning to God during this crisis. God prepared them to face this crisis by establishing a Digital Mission Team/Ministry which was birthed out of the EAST MG Retreat they had attended.

Do continue to pray for Tuvshuu and Burnee as they serve the needs of the Mongolian Church and raise their young family. Tuvshuu has been elected Chairman of the Union Bible Theological College and sits on the Board of the Mongolian Bible Society.

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