Prayer pointer 28 July 2022


Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?” – Galatians 3:3 -ESV

Having been born of the Spirit, are you walking in the Spirit? Or are you still pivoting on your own effort that is not born of the Spirit?

Praise God:

– That our new life in Christ begins and continues in the power of the Holy Spirit which our Lord freely bestows upon us.

Pray for:

– God to stir within us an insatiable hunger for Christ, an intense thirst to be continually filled with His Spirit.

– All at EAST to have a deep longing to be constantly harnessed, directed, and empowered by the Spirit as a way of life in the EAST community.

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EAST Community Gathers @ Aleph 2022


As we start a new academic year, EAST Aleph was held from July 1-15 for the cohort of new students. Aleph – the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet signifies a new start and more to come for our new students. This two-week immersion program aims to orientate the new students in several aspects – helping our international students to have a better understanding of cross-cultural living in Singapore, gain a better grasp of the various programs offered at EAST, and begin to experience and live out EAST values, etc.

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Singapore Charismatic Renewal Started in 1972



Mr Thomas Franks, husband of EAST alumna, Ms Hannah Zhong, produced (and initially researched and wrote) a church history documentary video on the Charismatic renewal movement that started in 1972, dubbed Revival 1972: When the Holy Spirit stirred the schools of Singapore.

In the words of Thomas, “By documenting the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit in Singapore starting in 1972, the video aims to inspire the next generation to seek God & His purposes. So far, the documentary has had an amazing impact at live screenings in churches even over this weekend [of 23-24 July 2022]! … As we honour & remember God’s work in the past, may we also look ahead in hope to what God will do both now & in the future!”

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Amos Chew, our newest MALD student

L-R: Joel (brother), William (father), Julia (mother), Amos & Bernice (girlfriend)

This new academic year, we have about 10 new students from five different countries and Amos Chew is a Singaporean student who has enrolled for Master of Arts in Leadership (MALD). Below is a short Q&A to get to know him just a little better as he begins his journey of development through EAST.

1.     How did I find out about EAST, and came to study at EAST?

I found out about EAST from a friend! He was telling me about EAST and what he has studied and learnt there. I was interested in learning more of the Bible, so I went to look up the EAST website, browsed through the courses, and found the MALD program. I have always been fascinated about the topic on leadership and have always wanted to learn more. After looking at the modules and praying about it, I decided to enquire and apply. Like they said, the rest is history.

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Prayer Pointer 21 July 2022


“Bless the Lord, all his hosts, His ministers, who do his will”. – Psalm 103:21 ESV

Do you hear from God? Are you doing His will in obedience?

Praise God:

– That He has sent our graduates of 2022 to be ministers in our local churches and also to their sending churches overseas.  Yet for others He has chosen them to be further equipped for their future ministry.

Pray for:

– All those whom He called for His purpose to harken to His voice and to serve faithfully in submission.

– His ministers, EAST graduates of 2022 to start their ministries with joyful obedience and in complete humility to glorify Him.

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