Adjunct Faculty: Cambodia EEC Teaching Reflections


4th November 2022 was a special day for me. Not only it was a day where I took to flying after close to three years of pandemic restriction, it was also the day that EAST Extension Centre (EEC) could conduct classes on location. The class in Cambodia was probably the first to meet face to face since the pandemic.

I was there to teach New Testament Narratives class to a cohort of students taking Master of Arts in Leadership and Graduate Diploma. This cohort started in 2018 and they are mostly Christian workers. There are organisation leaders, church planters, teachers, Crusade staff and even a missionary from Singapore who has been in Cambodia for 19 years. Before the pandemic, EAST sent instructors to Cambodia several times a year to cover the modules necessary for them to complete their programme.

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Transforming Leadership – Online Evening Course

Transforming Leadership (LF511, 3 Credits, Online)
9 January – 12 May 2023, Mondays, 7.00 pm-9.00 pm 

This course helps leaders in authentic personal transformation and builds passion to serve the world around them for Jesus’ sake.  Examining the underlying theology, leadership theory, and skill set of a transforming leader in today’s world, students will learn that leadership is not a job nor a position but a passion and a calling.  A transformational servant-leader seeks to bring about change in organizations and individuals.

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Bible Study Methods – Online PIM Day Course


Bible Study Methods (BS410, 3 Credits, Online)
16 January – 24 April 2023, Mondays, 1.00 pm-3.00 pm 

This course will help students to learn basic inductive bible study methods, understand small group dynamics and facilitation, and to equip students on how to first study the bible on their own and in turn to teach biblical truth through the leading of small group discussions and effective telling of the bible stories.

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EAST 30th Anniversary Book

East Asia School of Theology celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a Thanksgiving Celebration for ministry partners on 12 November 2022 and a Homecoming Reunion for alumni on 18 November 2022.

View the commemorative book below as a flipbook and be blessed by the stories of the alumni, student, and staff. Click the Maximize button for the full screen view and Download PDF button to download. Or you can download the PDF here. Enjoy!



You may also view the above on the flipbook creation website.

Coordinators: Agnes Kao, Eliza Yeh. Editors: Woon Lee Tzu, Agnes Kao. Design/Layout: Blessed Charity Ong. Photos: Lau Ying Kheng. Paintings: Patrick Ng. Contributors: Various alumni and Wong Ee Yuing.


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EAST 30th Anniversary Reflections


I graduated from EAST in 2018 with a Master in Divinity where fond memories remain of the campus in 1 Dorset Road. I came to EAST expecting to arm myself with theological training but God had more in mind for me – EAST equipped me to grow in head, heart and hands. 

At EAST, learning is imbued in every facet of the student life not only in the class but outside the walls of the classroom. There is emphasis on the application of head knowledge distilled through the heart. I am grateful to the teachers who made every effort to teach with passion and conviction that caused learning to take place. I am blessed to have thoroughly enjoyed every subject in my course. Indeed, EAST plays a significant role in equipping their students to become holistic practitioners in the field. 

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