Finding our Identity


Have you thought about what defines you?

Is it the size of your house? Or your grades in school? Maybe it’s how many friends you have, or even something like how well you play an instrument or sport.

In the video above, Dr Alex Tang examines Jesus’ identity in the Gospel of John and what it means for Christians. When Jesus was repeatedly asked who He was, He had a common response: “I am”.

As we start to turn to the Lord with the question of our identity, we find that He doesn’t really define us by how much we have, our achievements, or what others think of us.

Go ahead and ask Jesus, “What do You think of me? What do You really see in me?” You might be surprised at what He says =)

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How do you Find Identity and Worth?


Mrs Josephine Li-Lam, an EAST Partners in Ministry Faculty, shares in the #SaturdayGoodClip above how we can find our identity and worth.

“Your beauty comes, not from who you are, but Whose you are.” – Anonymous

Check out the clip and see how God can bring you from darkness to light, just as Josephine has found. She found her true identity in Christ. Once wanting to be the own boss of her life, Josephine found that to know Jesus is to make Him the real boss of her life as she started to have a real relationship with Jesus. Through the cross, through the blood of Jesus, she has rebuilt her relationship with God through believing in Jesus Christ whose sacrifice and shed blood has cleansed her of her sins and presented her pure and righteous before God.

Put your trust and faith in Jesus today to find your true identity and worth!

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