Welcoming The Winslows Back!

The Winslows (L-R: Sze Chieh, Matthew, Alethea, Amber, Hudson)


Matthew and Sze Chieh Winslows together with their children Hudson, Amber and Alethea have spent the last six years in the United States as Matthew pursued his PhD Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. While they were there, EAST News had done an interview with the family. Now that they are back, EAST welcomes the family back to EAST and find out how they are doing. Below is a short update.

  1. How has the transition been for your family from living in the US for the past six years?

Matthew: We really enjoyed our time in the US and had a great community there at our church in the Chicago area, so we miss our friends. I also love the change of seasons in the US and the space so I miss both of those things as well. But in coming back to Singapore, we have enjoyed reconnecting with old friends. We’ve also enjoyed eating some good Asian food here.

Our three kids are slowly getting adjusted to life in Singapore. Alethea is in P5, Amber is in Sec 1 and Hudson is in Sec 3. They miss their friends back in the US but have enjoyed going to the beach here, and enjoying new kinds of food. God has also blessed them with some new friends here. Our dog Caspian is happy to be with us. I think he prefers the snow to the Singapore heat though and mostly enjoys staying inside near the fan or aircon!

Sze Chieh: Our lives were tremendously nourished by our church and community in the US for the past six years. We have our share of heartaches as we feel the loss of the precious, life-giving community we loved. I’m hopeful that God in His generous grace, would bring about new life and growth in our lives here. Though He uproots us, He will replant us, allowing us to flourish.


  1. What is your experience with resuming the role of Dean of Students (Matthew), and taking up the role of International Student Services Coordinator (Sze Chieh)?

Matthew: I’m so happy that I am able to serve as the Dean of Students at the school. I love being able to connect with students and thinking about how to help them thrive during their time at EAST!

Sze Chieh: I hope to ease transition stress for international students who come to our school, especially those with families. Life is exciting, faith-stretching, and chaotic during transition. I’d love to welcome and help the students and families settle into their new season in Singapore.

  1. How’s the progress regarding your PhD studies (Matthew)?

In regard to my PhD program, I am currently working on writing my dissertation. In that, I am looking at a revival that took place in 1908 in Manchuria. I’m discovering how that revival impacted the growth of Christianity not only in Northeast China, but throughout the mainland. I’m hoping to be finished with my first draft by the end of the year!

Prayer Points for The Winslows:

  1. Godly friendships for our children.
  2. Grateful hearts as we continue to adjust to life in Singapore.

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