Blessed 58th National Day, Singapore!


“Righteousness exalts a nation; When the righteous increase, the people rejoice…” – Proverbs 14:34a; 29:2a (ESV)

No country celebrates its birthday as we do. Saturday after Saturday, our SAF fighter jets roar magnificently across the skies, and the helicopters proudly carry the Singapore Flag in its familiar path over the city. By 8 pm in the evening the city sky breaks out with a riot of spectacular colours from the expansive fireworks, and echoes the thunderous burst of pride and elation as celebrants watch in expectant joyous awe. The serial practice on Saturdays look forward to the finale climaxing on 9th August, Singapore’s 58th National Day!

By the grace of God, we have risen as a little miraculous island made so spectacular and impactful punching above its weight in so many fields. God has surely been gracious to us responding to prayers of His people focusing their trust in Him. Foreigners rejoice for us and with us. Let us rejoice in what the Lord has done! He has made us great as a nation so that it may serve the nations and His glorious purpose. Not unto us but to God give the glory! I wish you a Happy National Day! God Bless Singapore!


Written by Rev Dr Chan Chong Hiok, President of EAST.

You are invited to the NCCS National Day Thanksgiving Service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on 17 August 2023, 7.45 PM.

From 177 churches by 772 singers, The Blessing Singapore (2020):

God Bless This Nation Singapore (2015), lyrics and music by Margaret Chew, arranged by Clement Chow:

Bless our Singapore (2015), composed and sung by Corrinne May, on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church:

Livestream of the National Day Parade ’23 is available on the NDPeeps YouTube channel:

Watch the Singapore 58th National Day theme song, “Shine Your Light” below:

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