New Graduates – Kim Hak-Soo & Park Ok-Hee, Korea

Kim Hak Soo (MDiv Christian Ministry) & Park Ok-Hee (Partners in Ministry)


“If life were a road trip, I conclude that the roughest, windiest and steepest roads lead us to the most breath-taking views” (Allie Penner, The Well Blog).

In 2019, Kim Hak-Soo was invited to a chapel service at EAST. As the worship team played, he felt a deep connection with God which extended that short tour into a four-year road trip.

One of the first things that impressed the associate pastor of Korean Church in Singapore was “Servant Leadership.” “I’d heard the term before,” says Hak Soo, “but at EAST I experienced it.”

“Through the teaching and lives of Leadership professors like Dr Chan, as we were invited to professors’ home for meals, and the camaraderie of my mentoring group guys in prayer and ministry weekends. I saw servant-leadership – the willingness to serve like Jesus – in action.”

In early 2022, Hak-Soo’s journey stalled when his wife Ok-Hee was diagnosed with cancer.

What followed was an abrupt turnaround home for surgery, chemotherapy and hospital stay  that lasted eight months.

“As I watched my wife suffering in pain, I felt helpless; some days I couldn’t see or feel,” says Hak-Soo. “My only GPS was God and His Word; my only prayer, ‘Lord, I can’t, You can, and I will.’”

The chemotherapy side-effects that tear into one’s physical, mental and emotional states were things “I wouldn’t wish for anyone,” says Ok-Hee. “But I experienced God’s wonderful grace.”

“I could even pray for and comfort fellow patients who were lost without Christ,” continues the trained Korean language teacher.”

Even when, towards the end of treatment when she lost all muscular strength, she felt God’s manifest presence. “I wasn’t afraid to die,” says Ok-Hee, looking up at her husband of 28 years.

“I just didn’t feel ready to leave him behind.”

By the time Ok Hee’s cancer was diagnosed, she had completed her two-year PIM (Partners in Ministry) Certificate course.

Though she had graduated from Bible school before moving to Singapore 25 years ago, there were fresh lessons she learned from the classes, fellowship, and lives of the teachers.

“Margaret taught me patience, and how to apply God’s truth to practical life,” she continues. “Eng Meng met me regularly for prayer and reflection and ministered to my soul. And Leetzu helped me in English, and encouraged me with kindness.”

Having walked through the valley of the shadow of death, the couple is making no assumptions about their future.

“My dream is to obey God’s call wherever He leads,” says Hak-Soo, “and expand His kingdom as a faithful Bible teacher and preacher.”

For Ok-Hee, she is taking it a day at a time. “My plans are to count God’s blessings every day; and for as long as God allows, be my husband’s partner in life and ministry.”

Graphics design by Blessed Ong, article written by Dr Lau Ying Kheng.

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