New Student – Ms Pang, MAICS, Singapore

Ms Pang at a Bible Study in Japan


Ms Pang is a new student enrolled at EAST. She is a Singaporean who grew up in a Christian family with a first degree in pharmacy. She worships in a Brethren church where an EAST alumnus has served as a pastor. Below is a brief interview to get to know her journey to EAST better.

1. How did you first get to know about EAST and become interested in enrolling as a program student?

I got to know about EAST through an online search, and also heard about the school from my church pastor who is an EAST alumnus. I got interested through the EAST website, and attended the online eOpen House 2022.

2. Share with us about your journey prior to EAST – what you have been up to professionally and in terms of ministry experience.

Upon graduation from university, I worked as a pharmacist for about five years. I then interned at my church for a period of time before doing a year-long stint in Japan with a missions agency. I returned to Singapore in mid-2023.

3. What would you like to experience and learn at EAST?

I would like to learn skills to help me get to know God more and to get good biblical foundations to build my life on. I am also looking to learn practical skills to be used in ministry so that I can be better equipped to serve the Lord in whatever circumstances He puts me in. I want to be trained to be a good learner with a good attitude towards lifelong learning and learn to be led by the Spirit and God’s Word.

4. What bible verses have helped you through your faith journey thus far?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” has been a great encouragement for me. I’ve had much difficulty with identifying life’s purpose and struggled with finding fulfilment in everyday things, which led me to feeling broken because I couldn’t truly take delight in regular things like grades or good career prospects. This verse has encouraged me multiple times by reminding me that God has built me for eternal purposes and I can seek Him to learn how to live well in this world while keeping my eyes on eternity and the eternal purposes He has created me for.

5. Share a prayer request.

I would appreciate prayer for me to keep my eyes fixed on God in this academic season and not let studying become my idol. Pray that I will manage relationships with family and friends well, be faithful in both ministry and studying, learning to discern and be wise about time management in the season ahead.

Please be in prayer for sister Pang as she begins her learning journey at EAST, together with the new cohort of program students. Shalom.

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