Jessica Ang: Adamant Faith and Centrality of God’s Word

Alumni Richard Kwan and Jessica Ang

Through Jessica Ang’s recent involvement with “The Silent Pandemic: Loneliness in the Church” seminar held jointly with EAST and Capelle, we managed to get in touch with Jessica as she was an EAST Alumna (Grad Cert in Missions, 2005) and so was her husband Richard Kwan (MA in Missions & Evangelism, 2005). Below is a short interview with her on her study experience at EAST and where God has led her to serve since then.

  1. What program did you enrol in EAST and what led you to study in EAST?

I enrolled as a student for the Graduate Certificate in Missions in 2004 and graduated the following year. My husband, Richard, also enrolled in and graduated with a Master of Arts in Missions and Evangelism. Both of us were preparing ourselves to go to the mission field.

As part of our preparations, we felt the need for more equipping in ministry skills for evangelism and discipleship and a deeper knowledge of God and His word. That started our search for theological studies that will meet our needs. As we look at the programs from different seminaries, as well as considering our limited finances, we felt the programs at EAST meet most of our criteria. After much prayers, we proceeded to apply by faith for the two programs.

  1. What were the most memorable experiences and lessons learned at EAST?

The most memorable times were the engagement with my disciple group, as well as the cross-cultural interactions with other students during meal times. Of course, not forgetting the many cookies from Laurel Langston (then resident faculty, wife of Dr Rick Langston)! 😊

  1. What was life like before and after EAST?

At EAST, it opened up to me, a whole new world to understanding the richness and depth of God’s word. It drew me deeper into the character and heart of Jesus towards people through the depth of Jesus’ words. During my time in EAST, many of my perspectives were challenged, which on hindsight were necessary to strengthen my beliefs and faith in Christ.

  1. How has the equipping at EAST helped you become more effective in sharing Christ in the market place? What does your current work involve?

As mentioned above, I am now more adamant about my faith. As such, I am not easily shaken by negative criticism when sharing my own faith journey.

I am currently heading the Marketing & Communications department in Capelle Consulting. I believe my inspiration to ideate in communicating concepts are mostly God-inspired. I am also an Associate Lecturer with one of the local universities, where I believe is my main platform to reach out to the students.

  1. Would you encourage Christians to enrol in theological training regardless of whether they have a calling to serve in vocational Christian work or not? Why so?

There is definitely no doubt to encourage every Christian to be equipped and trained regardless of where God might place us to serve. Being grounded in Word of God is centre to our faith, and we must be ready at all times to guard it, and defend the truth. How else will we be able to do so if we do not know and handle the truth especially in today’s context where truth is so compromised and watered down.


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