Leadership 101


Bae Jaeseong came to EAST to learn how to be a better leader.

The former Cru Korea missionary to Japan and HR Administrator says he was attracted to the school’s leadership professors who are backed by a proven track record. “For example, our President, Rev Dr Chan, directed a fruitful ministry in East Asia for years; and Dr Roland was the national leader of Cru Singapore.”

As he looks back to his three years at EAST, Jaeseong is grateful for the many classes that developed his thinking as a leader. “I’m impressed by Dr Lewis’ class on denominations and theological views – what are the core and what are opinions; and Dr Samuel’s ‘Cultural Maps’ for cross-cultural understanding. So helpful.”

But his education did not happen in a vacuum, adds the former campus staff in Osaka, where he met his wife Jihye, also a Cru Korea staff worker.

“For example, ‘developing Christlike leaders for the global harvest.’ This is more than just the ‘mission statement’ of EAST; it is being practised conscientiously through outreach, practicum and internships. And professors do not only talk about ‘Christlikeness’; they model love for God and students; this is what we need to see in my country, at home, in school, at church.”

The Maritime Electronic Engineering graduate shares that his family “made many wonderful memories from small things” in Singapore.

“Memories such as hanging out with my mentoring group members and mentors Dr Benson and Dr Lewis, or playing ball with my kids,” adds the avid tennis player and baker. “Jihye will miss the greenery and beaches here when we leave,” he continues. “Me? I will miss many things including the warm weather, and char siew (bar-b-q pork) rice.”

“Here’s another important principle I learned about leadership,” concludes Jaeseong. “I need to first be a happy and authentic human being, husband, father, and friend. Then I can be an effective and confident leader.”

“Congratulations, Jaeseong and Jihye! May the face of our God always turn toward your life and ministry; may your life and ministry be filled with the fragrance of Jesus.” – Pastor Jang Sungwon, Korean Mission Dream Church in Singapore

The above article is written by Dr Lau Ying Kheng and published in 28th EAST Commencement Magazine, May 2022. Curated and reproduced with permission. Graphic design by Blessed Ong.

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