Reflections on EAST Crisis Counselling Course


The EAST Crisis Counselling intensive class was held concurrently online and onsite over eight days from 25 May to 3 June 2022. The class sought to equip the students for effective emotional, spiritual and psychological care to others following times of crisis.

The class was taught primarily by Dr Anne Fallow and co-taught by Ms Karen Zando. Dr Anne has been a Cru staff for 46 years and has served in Asia as a missionary for 15 years. She is with the Vice President’s Global Leadership Team where she has assisted in crisis debriefs, various personal and team assessments. She has also mentored women in leadership across Asia. Karen has served with Cru for 35 years, 17 of which were with Athletes in Action ministering to the athletic community for Christ. She has served with the Global Leadership Development Human Resource team for the last 15 years.

Students who attended the Crisis Counselling class had the following recommendations and reflections.

“Our instructors, Anne and Karen, who have extensive experience in the field, made the intensive schedule and intense subject matters very rewarding and worthwhile. Learning about my own grief process, theology of suffering and how to do crisis debrief were insightful lessons that I can use to help others who are going through crises of their own.” – Daniel Yoncer, EAST alumnus, GradDip in Pastoral Counselling, 2022.

“If you’ve ever felt stumped on how to assist someone through a crisis, I can’t recommend this class enough. Every lay counsellor needs to attend the Crisis Counselling course to add an invaluable skill to their toolkit!

Establishing a strong theology of suffering, learning to listen well and knowing how to walk through crises with others makes for effective ministry. Dr Anne and Karen were wonderful facilitators who managed to teach both the hard and “heart” matters with finesse (and in a matter of 8 days!)

This class should be a mainstay in the curriculum.” – Deborah Quek, EAST student, GradDip in Pastoral Counselling.

“Have you felt helpless and lost, wondering to yourself how to help and walk with someone who is going through loss and pain?

Have you felt fearful and think you will be judged if you were to share your loss and pain with someone?

Crisis debrief training will enable and empower you with confidence and skills to walk through a journey of loss, transitions, and pain etc. with someone by offering a safe space without judgement and with the love of Christ.” – Ling Woon, EAST Visiting Student.

This Crisis Counselling and other counselling courses are normally held in May to June of the year. Do look out for such counselling courses in the not-too-distant future.  Check out our current list of courses for this coming semester. Shalom.

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