Choong Voon: Renovation of Body, Heart and Soul

Meet a graduate from the recent 28th Commencement – Mr Wong Choong Voon, Malaysian, MDiv in Intercultural Studies and worshipped at Cornerstone Fellowship (Bahasa Indonesia). He is also the recipient of the EAST President Leadership Award and Academic Excellence Award. 

Twenty years in full-time ministry, former Cru Malaysia staff, now Chinese Timothy Mission worker who served among slum-dwellers in Semarang, Java, before joining EAST. Choong Voon’s vision is to reach the unreached peoples in Malaysia and Indonesia.

“When I first arrived at EAST, I was all ready for hard work and discipline,” says the Micro-Electronics Engineer by training and EAST Student Council President (2020-21). “But my engine was in a very bad shape.” Years of late-nights, no exercise, and poor diet, he confides, led to an unhealthy body, heart and soul. “These bad habits carried on in my student life.”

The “turning point” came during his second-year school break.

“Dr Lewis Winkler [EAST Resident Faculty] was going on a six-month furlough, so I asked to move to his place in the east. It cut travel time to school from the west by two hours,” says Choong Voon. “To my surprise, he not only agreed, but offered us the use of everything, including his bicycles.” And so Choong Voon and his wife, Wei Ling, started cycling every day. “At first, it was to explore the neighbourhood for grocery; then the beach and favourite haunts in Bedok and Joo Chiat, where the best ang gu kueh (‘red tortoise cake’) is.”

“For the first time in two years, we had regular exercises, and enjoyed our host country.”

Around then, ‘Soul Care’ class started. One of the assignments was “starting the day on the knees or going for a walk without the phone,” said Choong Voon. “Who would have thought these have became new habits that God used to change my body, heart and soul?”

Looking on and nodding is Wei Ling. “Now he is more relaxed, healthier, and has time and eyes for me,” she laughs.

Choong Voon confesses that his old lifestyle stemmed from worries about not having enough or doing enough. “God reminded me that I came into full-time ministry because I love Him. He is my first Audience and Provider. Now that my engine is overhauled, I’m good to go.”

“Dearest Choong Voon, congratulations! May you always return to your first love for Christ; may His steadfast hands help you to focus on His calling to the unreached people groups in our generation.”

– Pastor David Tan, Chinese Timothy Mission


The above article is written by Dr Lau Ying Kheng and published in 28th EAST Commencement Magazine, May 2022. Curated and reproduced with permission.

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