Update from Senior Alumni Rev Simon & Hannah Son

Rev Simon & Hannah Son

EAST News caught up with Rev Simon & Hannah Son through a Zoom interview recently. Both Simon and Hannah graduated from the inaugural class of 1995 when EAST was established in 1992, with a Master of Divinity degree and Partners-in-Ministry certificate respectively. Although Simon and Hannah are both Korean Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) Staff, they had undergone their Great Commission Training Center (GCTC) days in Manila back in 1984, having to learn English which was not their native tongue. After that, they pioneered the student ministry in Hong Kong where they had to learn yet another language, Cantonese. They were missionaries in Hong Kong for six years before Dr Victor Koh invited them to equip themselves for further studies at the newly established EAST in 1992. Simon had to complete a year of English preparation in 1991 in Singapore before beginning the course at EAST in 1992.

The first cohort at EAST then had five students consisting of three Koreans, one student from Hong Kong and another Singaporean. The main professors who taught Simon included Dr Harold Robers (then Principal), Dr Rick Langston and Dr Paul Tanner. The Family Life Class taught by Dr Harold Robers had the greatest impact on Simon and Hannah’s lives as it helped transformed their family life to be more well-balanced. Prior to that, Simon was self-confessed very missions and work-oriented but realized that he had to prioritized spending quality time with family after that particular class. His daughter Grace & son-in-law live close by to him and his wife now. Simon and Hannah are also proud grandparents of two grandsons and one granddaughter.

The professors at EAST left an indelible imprint in Simon and Hannah’s lives by their lifestyle and character. Simon mentioned about the kindness and understanding he had received from Dr Rick Langston, especially as English was not his first language. He also said that Dr Rick was very honest and faithful in the way he lived. As for Dr Paul Tanner, he taught about Christian motivation, how one should look towards God for reward and not look towards men.

Currently, Simon is the Team Leader for Transform Korea Prayer Movement which had started since 2016. This movement conducts seminars to equip and mentor Christian leaders and pastors in Korea. By the end of this year, Simon is looking to stepping down from the Team Leader role as he retires from a full-time staff to an associate staff. However, he will also still be involved in two other ministries – Power to Change ministry and Global Church Movement ministry.

Prayer Requests:

  1. The end of this year, I plan to retire as a full-time staff member and to become associate-staff of Korea CCC. Please pray for me to finish all my present responsibilities well.
  2. Pray for our family members (mother, Hannah & Simon) strong health in spirit and body, and grow in intimacy with Lord Jesus Christ and husband and wife.

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