Remembering the Nations in a Worldwide Day of Prayer


Prayer is God’s invitation to come alongside with Him for the matters He cares about. Corporate prayer unites our hearts, minds and wills to God’s heartbeat as we seek His face and purposes together. We gather as a global organization (Cru/CCC International) with a common prayer theme every April and October.

Cru Singapore and East Asia School of Theology (EAST) have been coming together for Worldwide Day of Prayer meetings almost every October since 2015, and in the recent season of COVID-19, our prayer meetings have continued online. We had our second combined virtual WWDP this October with more than 170 attendees from Cru Singapore and EAST.

The meeting theme, “God is our Strength” from Psalm 18:1-2, was a timely reminder that God is always our strength, shelter, shield and salvation in every situation we are in. We can reach out to God as our ever-present help because He has promised never to leave nor forsake us. As part of the breakout group sessions, we spent some time sharing with each other how God has indeed been our strength.

We took time to intercede for nations in the East Asia Region, and also the countries represented among EAST staff and students, pressing on into deeper intercession beyond the consolidated prayer points.

While most of us have been unable to travel overseas in the recent couple of years, we are still able to pray for the countries that the Holy Spirit has laid upon our hearts, especially those currently experiencing political turmoil, natural disasters, sicknesses, and poverty. Ultimately, God is sovereign and still in control. He can be our strength and salvation, when we believe and call out to Him. We know He hears us, and He is pleased with us for coming to Him by faith and in humble dependence.

Another highlight shared by many was the meaningful time of prayer and fellowship with brothers and sisters (from both EAST & Cru Singapore) in the breakout rooms when we regathered after our personal reflection time. Many of us were so blessed or even surprised that we can honestly share our struggles and difficulties with those whom we do not know well. Our prayers for one another really encouraged and made us feel closer together as a community. God knows what we need, and He can work in and through us during stormy times to draw us closer to Him.

Truly, God is our strength as we trust in Him together. All glory be to Him!

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