Mentoring Groups in Ministry Action

Each of our MGs(Mentoring Groups) at EAST has spent the recent weekend serving together in ministry over various platforms to bless communities in Singapore and abroad. The annual MG Ministry Weekend has traditionally been a time for the faculty, staff and students in each MG to spend a weekend together to serve at a ministry located either in Singapore or within the Southeast-Asia region.

Most of our MGs have faculty, staff and students from a range of different countries, so this an intentional season of cross-cultural ministry that starts from within each Mentoring Group to eventually reach out to communities either in Singapore or around the region.

The MG Ministry Weekend is a time where ministry skills are sharpened and leadership is developed in our students, as each one takes on responsibilities in various segments of ministry and team leadership. Team dynamics are also developed, as members within each MG communicate with each other and serve together with teamwork.

As part of MG Ministry Weekend preparation, the MG led by our faculty Toe Set, Liong Kwok Wai and Jarred Jung spent some time together online to work out meeting preparations for two webinars with a community of ministry staff in the region. There was mutual affirmation and encouragement in the MG, as members ministered to each other during team devotions and prayer time. During the small group discussions in the webinars, the MG had the opportunity to see that many attendees felt liberated to open up their hearts to be honest with God about difficult circumstances in their lives, especially in this challenging season of time.

We also have more reports from additional MGs which will be highlighted soon our website.

We thank you, our ministry partners for coming alongside in prayer and various ways of support, as we continue with being a blessing to communities around us, and in contributing towards the fulfilling of the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ.


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