Korean Alumnus Serves Cru Regionally: Daniel Ko


Recently, EAST News got in touch with Daniel Ko (MA in Biblical Studies, 2011). He is currently serving regionally with eight Southeast Asian countries and the International Graduate School of Theology (IGSL), Philippines, an EAST’s sister seminary. He wrote his update in Korean and it has been translated into English below.

“After graduating from EAST, I worked at Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) as the Operations Manager for eight years. What was most satisfying to me was the upgrading of the financial system so that it could handle all the ministry finances online with less manpower thus increasing productivity and ministry effectiveness. For KCCC, the ministries in the 45 urban areas used to keep their own accounts, and there were 100 accountants at the headquarters to reconcile all those accounts manually. It was very difficult to train and manage them which resulted in a high turnover. The new financial system only need two people at the headquarter to manage, and the city and ministry departments only need to upload accounting details and receipts into the system. Praise God!

From 2019, I have been serving as the Finance Director of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI), Southeast Asia Office. Together with my wife, eldest son and three daughters, we live in Manila, Philippines. My eldest son worked as a nurse in Korea, and he wanted to study medicine in the Philippines, so he has started taking medical classes in August. Our three daughters are in their 6th, 9th, and 10th grades at a local school. I am still having a hard time communicating in English. It is also difficult not to be able to meet teachers and friends as all classes are conducted online.

As a Finance Director, I have the privilege to oversee the finance teams of eight Southeast Asian countries and IGSL. We helped to set-up and run new financial programs in all countries. In particular, Indonesia was having difficulties in organizing their work in five regions. It was finally resolved in June 2018 when we were able to finally integrate through a unified system. Through several on-site assistance and coaching, the new system has stabilised their operations nationally. By the end of this year, we aim to provide accurate information to national, regional, and international leaders by upgrading the financial system throughout the Southeast Asia region and by training and coaching each country’s finance managers.

Next year, I am preparing to work as a Finance Manager at IGSL.”

Prayer Requests:

  1. Continue to pray for good adjustment for Daniel and his family living, working and studying in the Philippines.
  2. Pray for Daniel’s preparation to work as Finance Manager at IGSL next year.
  3. Pray that the eight Southeast Asian countries, especially Indonesia, to adapt well to the financial system upgrades implemented earlier.


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