EAST Thanksgiving & Envisioning Day 2021


On 5 June 2021, we held our inaugural EAST Mission Hub Thanksgiving and Envisioning Day (TED) online over two sessions at 10.00 am and 2.30 pm with over 100 participants joining us for each of the sessions. The program saw various alumni, students, faculty, and Christian leaders who testified of God’s work in their lives and ministry because of their journey through and with EAST.

God’s provision of our new school campus in Joo Chiat, EAST Mission Hub, allows us to minister to multi-cultural communities within, to our neighbours, and to the regions beyond. The facilities that God has provided together with the extraordinary opportunities of the present time has allowed us to digitally reach and equip many wherever they are. All of these are only possible as EAST remains true to the calling of God through its vision, mission, and values as a school. We trust God to provide faculty and produce graduates who are biblically grounded ministry practitioners and servant leaders with a passion for the Great Commission.

The planning for the TED event happened months ahead and the planning committee had aimed to hold the event on-site and online concurrently despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. However, community cases were on the rise in Singapore and by early June holding the event in-person was no longer feasible. Adjustments had to be made for key members of the presenting team to be in-person on-site while other program segments, interviews, and the audience would be online through Zoom instead.

On the actual day of the event, two support staff had to work from home as a precautionary measure due to flu-like symptoms, and the on-site skeleton crew was stretched to the limit. We thank God, however, as both sessions were able to be carried out well online as needed. Our God is truly in control as He empowers us to do so!

For those of you who were able to join us on Thanksgiving and Envisioning Day, we THANK YOU once again for your participation and gracious contributions towards our EAST Mission Hub and other operational needs that we have. We are profoundly grateful for your partnership in God’s kingdom work in developing Christ-like Leaders for the Great Commission and in transforming Asia and beyond.

We have an edited Zoom recording of that day for your viewing pleasure (see video below). May you be encouraged as we recount how God has blessed us as a school and how in turn our alumni, students, and faculty are blessing others in Singapore and around the world. Also, we look forward to your continued partnership with EAST in the new academic year ahead. To God be the glory!



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