Wife of a Leader

Rev Liong Kwok Wai and wife Award Recipient Agnes Lim Chiao Minn


Agnes Lim, 48, is passionate about winning, building and developing women, especially wives of Christian leaders.

The Singapore Cru staff’s convictions grew from more than 20 years of ministry experience on the National University of Singapore, her alma mater, and the mission field.

As a missionary for ten years with her husband, Rev Liong Kwok Wai (EAST’S Academic Dean), Agnes has ministered to singles, wives of pastors and leaders, professionals as well as homemakers. As a member of the regional women’s team, she helped organize conferences to minister to women missionaries, church-planters, and lay leaders.

“Women influence other women all the time, whether they are aware of it or not – through relationships, at a child’s birthday party, or in the park,” says the mother of three teenagers between fourteen and seventeen years old.

“Yet, many wives of leaders I’ve come across do not know how to share the gospel or minister through God’s Word,” continues Agnes. “Many do not even realize the powerful influence and role they play in their husband’s life and ministry, and their children’s faith.”

That is why while as a student, Agnes is also part of the Partners-in-Ministry program faculty team, conducting classes and mentoring wives of students at EAST. “Our focus is building understanding of one’s identity in Christ, and skills in Bible study, basic ministry, and thrive in marriage and parenting.”

“It is very important that women know their roles as wives of leaders,” she adds. This role, Agnes believes, includes showing interest in and understanding their husbands’ vision and burdens; and developing themselves to serve alongside them, in active ministry, within their homes and through the rhythms of everyday life.

Though she is a seasoned Cru staff worker, Agnes feels she has much to learn from her studies at EAST.

While classes on ‘Bible’ and ‘Theology’ gave her new knowledge and skills to teach them to others, ‘Christian leadership’ gave her handles to reflect on her past experiences and improve herself. “‘Soul Care and Formation’ gave me the head, heart and hands to deal with threats of burnout and a marginless life,” says Agnes.

“We need to keep learning to build God’s kingdom, do our part, and win the next generation in this fast-changing and broken world.”


The above article is written by Dr Lau Ying Kheng in EAST 27th Commencement Magazine and has been republished with permission.  Agnes Lim Chiao Minn has graduated with an MA in Christian Ministry and also been awarded the Spiritual Multiplier Award at the 27th Commencement.

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