Myanmar Pastor, EAST Alumnus: God is Our Help

Myanmar Pastor, EAST Alumnus S Htike Wai Saing

EAST News had a short interview with a recent Myanmar Pastor serving in Judson Baptist Church in Singapore, Ps S Htike Wai Saing. He graduated with a Master of Divinity in Teaching and Exposition in 2019. He has been a full-time pastor with Judson Baptist Church since 2014 but had started teaching Sunday school and serving as a youth leader since 2008. The last time he was back in Myanmar for ministry and visiting family and friends was in March 2020 before the circuit breaker happened in Singapore. The short interview below shows his heart for his people back home in Myanmar.

  1. What kept you busy in terms of ministry, family and church especially in the past year when Covid-19 happened?

Last year, I was kept busy with  near-daily zoom meetings and bible studies. I led nine bible study groups a week including my family and friends in Myanmar. My daily timetable has to be optimised to spread my time as efficiently as possible. Between studying the bible for two hours a day, leading bible study everyday,  and praying for my country, I had little free time left. Despite this, I did not feel tired and I enjoyed it very much.

2. Has the political situation/unrest in Myanmar affected your ministry in any way?

I would say it directly affected my ministry because the internet in Myanmar has been cut off and my emotions fluctuate all the time. Almost all my bible study groups in Myanmar have been cancelled and my previously organised timetable has been completely disrupted.The turmoil has made it difficult to set my mind to pray efficiently. I have to force myself to read the bible and take time with the Lord and now I feel better.

3. What do you look forward to in 2021 as compared to what happened in 2020?

Over the new year, I prayed to God about my resolution and God answered with a scripture, Nehemiah 5, during my quiet time. I prayed for Myanmar in 2020 as Nehemiah did  and God asked me to solve the problem and show an example to my people. I did not understand this message at first, but on 1st February when the Military Coup happened in Myanmar, I saw the whole picture. I am helping them to solve their spiritual and mental problems through phone calls and I think I may need to go back to Myanmar, meet them face to face and do counselling with them.

Prayer requests

  • Pray for Myanmar as the civil war might happen very soon.
  • Pray for all Christians in Myanmar to focus on God as God is the only one who can help Myanmar.
  • Pray for all pre-believers in Myanmar to see God’s mighty work through this incident.
  • Pray for all people in Myanmar to be safe.
  • Pray for the detainees in Myanmar and pray for God’s protection.
  • Pray for me to be more humble and obey God’s word in whatever I do.

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