Faculty Presentation: Reflexivity in Ministry Practice


Join our faculty, Dr Lau Ying Kheng, as she presents a paper on “Encouraging Singaporean Seminary Students to Use Reflexivity in their Ministry Practice” at the following webinar. The talk is on reflexivity in ministry: how we must make on-the-go changes of strategy and approaches as we do ministry in an ever-changing world.

To view the presentation, visit the ATA Facebook page or YouTube channel:

The presentation is part of “Asia New Scholars Resources Webinar” co-organised by EAST accrediting agency, Asia Theological Association (ATA), and Asia Graduate School of Theology Alliance (AGSTA). EAST is a corporate member of AGSTA and has partnered with the latter in offering advanced degree programs in Asia.

Dr Lau is a resident faculty of EAST who teaches “Research and Writing” and “Soul Care”, and guides students in ministry practicum as Field Practicum Director. She is active in teaching lay people as well as mission workers in East Asia, India, and Indo-China on topics like “Margin,” “Soul Care,” and “Inner Life”.



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