Alumna marks 20 years of service with Cru

Alumna Winnie Yeo (left) and alumnus Daniel Yeo (right)

Alumna Winnie Yeo started her part-time studies at EAST officially in 2013, doing a Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry and graduated in May 2016. She is married to Daniel who is also an EAST alumnus.

This year, 2021, marks her 20 years of service with Cru Singapore. While she was pursuing her studies, she was both a Personal Assistant to the then National Director to Cru Singapore Mr Lam Kok Hiang, and National Prayer Champion. In her role as the National Prayer Champion, she organises the bi-annual Worldwide Day of Prayer, staff corporate retreats and monthly morning prayers.

Check out the video below produced by Winnie’s home church, Bartley Christian Church, that features all that Winnie has been involved in and more.


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