Faculty Development Days Reflection (Part 2)

Ms Napitchaya Su Panum is on the extreme left. This was part of a birthday celebration for the November and December celebrants at the Faculty Meeting during FDD.

From FEAR to FAITH: Reflection on Faculty Development Day (Nov 23, 2020) by Ms Napitchaya Su Panum, EAST Faculty

I joined EAST in October 2019 with little teaching experience. It was my first time being on the other side of a seminary classroom! The fear of inadequacy was one of the biggest challenges for a “teacher-in-training” like me. However, the Lord has turned my fear into faith in the One who calls through EAST’s Faculty Development Day (FDD) training!

My doubt was caused by my misconception about teaching and learning. I knew that I couldn’t meet the traditional “Sage on the Stage” lecturing standard. However, through my experience during FDD, I learned that the “Guide on the Side” facilitating skill is the real art and science of teaching and learning that I need to develop.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of EAST courses have been provided through an online platform. For the coming semester, I have been scheduled to teach a hybrid course with both onsite and remote students; I did not know where to begin! Through the training sessions during FDD on several topics, including Flipped Learning and the Hybrid Classroom model, I was equipped with the practical teaching-learning strategies that I need in my role as a facilitator in my upcoming course.

I learned that my primary role is to guide active learning by pointing students to resources available, then asking guiding questions to promote “higher-order-thinking,” not merely providing the content. I began to see my role as a community builder who provides a learning environment in which both online and onsite students can learn through clarifying understanding and constructing knowledge together. I also learned how to assess, discuss, clarify, debate, apply, and engage the learner in discovery learning. My attention and motivation in teaching have shifted from “How well I perform,” which causes insecurity, to “How can I encourage learning in others,” which brings hope.

In addition to the new competence I gained through the comprehensive training materials, workshops, and hands-on experience in an actual flipped classroom during FDD, I am most grateful to my instructors (knowledgeable and passionate EAST lecturers) who “take my hand, open my mind, and touch my heart” through their teaching. As a result, I am inspired and confident to facilitate my assigned hybrid course, trusting in the commitment and support that my instructors will continue to extend to me beyond FDD.

FDD has provided me with new ministry skills and renewed my hope in the Lord’s calling; it was an authentic life-transforming experience!

My fear has turned into faith in the One who calls and equips His workers in every good thing to do His will and declare His glory (Heb 13:20-21).


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