Cheering Chin Leng on!

Lim Chin Leng, EAST Alumnus from Class of 2008, with daughter Jayna.

EAST Alumnus Chin Leng has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer and this has been a shocking news to his family and our community at EAST. However, Chin Leng has remained positive and is taking the Straits Times Virtual Run Challenge of 17.5KM, setting a goal to complete it within these two weeks as a #chemowarrior.

His daughter Jayna has written a heartfelt poem regards to her dad’s condition titled, “I Hate Cancer.” Below is the poem she has penned.

Please pray for their family – Lisa, Chin Leng’s wife and main cheerleader during this season, and their young ten year old daughter Jayna, as we pray for God’s healing and mercies upon Chin Leng.

Verse 1
It can be anywhere, including the brain
It turns all your sunny days into rain
Especially when your loved ones are in pain
Or when their energy goes down the drain
Like when they don’t eat their food
Which is their favorite, and they normally would
But we will get through this tough time together
Because we are a family, forever
Verse 2
I don’t really know why you do this, Lord
All I know is that you’re a kind God
I don’t really understand your reason
But this period is a really tough season
I know you’re doing this to show your glory
But why can’t you put it on someone else’s life story
But even though this path is definitely not straight
One thing I’m confident, you are super great
Poem by Jayna Lim Shi En (10), 16/9/2020.


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