Wives Of EAST Students Are Developed Too

“Seminaries are cemeteries for wives of students.”

That is how some wives of seminary students feel. While husbands are busy with studies, wives are left alone to care for young children at home. The wives’ development and marriage relationships are neglected. One consequence: graduates receive not only a degree but also a divorce certificate at the end.

At EAST, we do not want such a scenario to take place. We want our full-time students and their wives to thrive and grow.

Group TeamThe Partners In Ministry (PIM) program was developed out of a firm conviction that married couples called into vocational ministry would benefit tremendously when they share the same vision and serve alongside each other. We recognize the vital role and contribution that wives have in complementing their husbands’ ministries. We seek, therefore, to inspire and equip wives to embrace this calling. We also want to inspire husbands to fully support their wives in this pursuit. At the end of their studies, both husbands and wives can joyfully receive their certificates together.

Group AgnesThe PIM program is designed with a learning environment to develop the wives as they seek to grow in partnership with their husbands. The PIM curriculum helps ground them in their identity in Christ, Christian character, understanding of Scripture and bible study methods, and skills to meet unique challenges in their role. It also encourages them to impart to others what they learn through ministry opportunities they have during their time at EAST.

Group MealWives are also placed in mentor groups led by PIM faculty members. Rich friendships and peer mentoring take place as a result. This becomes an important support for them while their husbands are busy with studies and model the support structure they need when they go back to the ministry.

Group CraftsHere are testimonies by some wives who have completed their PIM program:

I thank God for the PIM program and its mentoring group. I experienced renewal of my heart towards God’s love and encouragement from precious mentors in the group. I also have better understanding and love for my husband.

Through the PIM lessons, God changed my way of thinking and my relationships. I recognized I could not forget memories of what I went through in my family, schools and society. But now I can choose not to allow the negative effects from them to influence me anymore.

Group ThanksHear what some husbands said as a result of their wives attending PIM:

After my wife attended PIM, we could better understand and accept our speaking and acting patterns more. PIM helped us better control emotional conflicts, communicate more deeply and comfortably. It challenges me for keeping balance between studies and family.

In mission field, my wife felt lonely and needed mentors. Through PIM my wife met suitable mentors and friends. She gained emotional balance and spiritual power. My children and I rejoiced over my wife’s balanced and energetic life in the family and Christian community.

Individual Speaks

Come to EAST and let the wife be developed as the most important partner in ministry with her husband!

For more information on the Partners In Ministry program, please click here. If you like more information about being a program student at EAST, please click here.


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