A Surprising Journey of David Sun

David Sun (second from right) at the EAST Cross-cultural Team Internship in Mongolia

“A Surprising Journey”

Rev David Sun | 17 July 2017

Here is the story of a Singaporean professional who worked and lived in Hong Kong, subsequently called by God to serve as His under-shepherd there, then returned to Singapore for further equipping at a Bible school in “a surprising journey” of obedience.

I see a person’s life is made up of four stages and each stage is about 25 years. The first stage is about education and the second is about building a family and a career. The third stage is the Golden Stage where one is mature and at his prime. The final stage is the harvesting stage where one could enjoy the fruits of his life.

My First Stage

Hong Kong is my home as I was born there in 1960. I went to the United Kingdom for “A”-levels in 1979. I received my university education at the Imperial College of Science and Technology and finished with a First Class Honours in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Management Science in 1984 and 1985 respectively. Read more

Invite to EAST 25th Anniversary Celebration Service

You are invited to our 25th Anniversary Celebration Service and a sumptuous lunch on Saturday, 22 July 2017, 11.00 am, at Bartley Christian Church.

Please RSVP at: www.celebrate25.east.edu.sg

EAST Tour de Singapore 2017

Watch the school-wide Tour de Singapore 2017 as teams of multicultural faculty and students in Mentoring Groups (MG) imbibe of the sight, sound, and taste of the land for a day. Viva EAST!

Video courtesy of Rock Wang.

Are You Satisfied?


Christians, are you tired of living a defeated Christian life?

The Bible reveals the secret to a victorious Christian living is simply to be Spirit-filled and to walk in Him on a continuing basis (Galatians 5:16-25).

While we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit the moment we trust Christ, learning to walk in the Spirit (fully empowered, reliant, yielded to God’s will) is a lifestyle requiring our active participation.

“The Christian life is so simple that we stumble over the very simplicity of it, and yet it is so difficult that no one can live it.” ~ by Bill Bright

To learn more and begin your journey of victorious living in Christ, refer to the following resources from Cru. These are trusted resources from the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, International.

Spirit-filled Life2


EAST Staff Retreat 2017

The theme for the recent annual EAST Staff Retreat is “One Team.” We have had Dr Henry Tan (International Leadership Consortium) and Dr Ron Gaff (International Graduate School of Leadership) to lead the team building and change management sessions for all faculty and staff present. We are grateful for the powerful principles learnt and their application in our lives and community as we minister in teams. Praise God for the fruitful time of learning. Now we look forward to applying the action points!

Photo courtesy of Tan Ying Kheng

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