EAST Celebrates 25 Years of God’s Blessings

East Asia School of Theology is 25 this year!

Save the date for our 25th Anniversary Celebration as we recount God’s goodness and faithfulness over the years. We desire to likewise look forward with the vision He has given us for more years of “developing Christ-like leaders for the Great Commission.” Shalom.

EAST 25th Anniversary Celebration:

22 July 2017, Saturday
11.00 am
Bartley Christian Church

Come and join us in the joyous celebrations.

EAST 25th Anniversary Celebration

EAST Celebrates 25 Years of God’s Goodness

EAST Mentoring Groups Retreat 2017

The  annual  EAST  Mentoring Group  (or MG)  Retreat  brings  together all the  MGs  at  the  start of the second semester which coincides with the beginning of the calendar year.  With a thematic devotional speaker, Dr Tom Roxas,  on  “Living Out Love” and time for relational bonding with others and with God, the retreat prepares the heart of God’s people for a new term of studies and ministry. Families are encouraged to come as a unit so that they too can benefit from the time.

Photos courtesy of Joseph Nguyen and TanYing Kheng

2017 Personal Planner – Free!

Are you looking for a personal planner that will help you with your spiritual and personal growth for the new year 2017?

You may view and download Gina Butz’s 2017 Personal Planner for free. She shared her motivation in coming out with one: “I wanted something that helped me start from 10,000 feet, reflecting on the previous year, and thinking through my vision for the future year. I made something that helps me look at how I’ll reach those goals each month and even each week. I use google calendar for my day to day, hour by hour planning, but this is where I will go to remind myself of the big picture. It’s also got a place to remind myself of daily habits I want to keep, my must read books for the year, and my prayer requests.”

Gina is a Cru staff who has had ministered in East Asia for many years. To read more and download the planner, visit her blog: ginabutz.com/2016/12/30/free-2017-planner/

2017 Personal Planner - Free!

Blessed New Year 2017!

EAST wishes all a Blessed New Year 2017!

May the LORD grants you much fruitfulness in your life and ministry.


Source: www.vecteezy.com

Faculty Development Days

At the recent Faculty Development Days an EAST’s resident faculty, Dr Tan Ying Kheng, showed how greater reflexivity in teaching and ministry leads to more in-the-moment relevance, greater engagement, and heightened effectiveness.

The faculty team then attended the Dining in the Dark immersion experience with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped.

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