Blessed Birthday, Mr. President!

Photos courtesy of Wong Ee Yuing

happy birthday cch
EAST’s staff recently celebrated the 65th birthday of Rev. Chan Chong Hiok, the President of EAST, or CCH as he is affectionately called. Margaret, his wife, read a moving tribute which began by recognizing the greatest honour that has been bestowed upon him is that of God’s beloved child and being co-heir with Christ. We thank God for His placing you at EAST to be His agent of positive change leading to growth and fruitfulness for His glory. CCH and Margaret, may the Lord continue to bless you both with many more good years of faithful and fruitful ministry together. Shalom!

Teachers & Staff Appreciation Day

Teachers and Staff appreciation day came at the last chapel where the Student Council recrafted a familiar song to sing of the work and ministry of these stalwarts. Cupcakes were given out to all faculty and staff while a humorous poem was the icing on the cake. Happy Teacher’s Day! Happy Staff Day!

cher appreciation day 2015
Photos courtesy of Tan Ying Kheng

Learn Bible’s Geography, History & Culture

Have you gone on a Holy Land tour in the past or plan to go for one and would like to learn more about the places there? Dr. Keith Shubert seeks to help students better understand the biblical geography, history, and culture. The evening seminars also help students to enhance their personal understanding and study of the Bible.

HolyLand StudyTour
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Answering the Problem of Evil

How could a God who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good allow evil and suffering to happen? Read a blog response by Dr. Lewis Winkler, an EAST faculty who teaches theology and history.

problem of evilAnswering the Problem of Evil
Any number of recent world events could serve as an example of a situation where something truly evil occurred. For example, not long ago, my wife returned from a tour of the infamous death camp in …


Contextualizing Gospel Message and Methods

“Had the privilege of sharing about ‘Contextualization and the Arts’ in the Contextualization class at EAST… Great questions. Great interaction,” wrote Patrick Ng, an EAST Alumni. Dr. Kwa Kiem Kiok teaches the course for ministers of the gospel to critically contextualize their message and methods in ministry.

ContextualizationPhotos courtesy of Patrick Ng.

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