Eliminate Hurry

In today’s short #WeekendReflection, I have chosen a quote from Dallas Willard on the topic of “Hurry”. It is easy to be in a hurry to meet deadlines, and to rush for appointments when we slowly return to a “new normal” of coping with the Covid-19 situation wherever we are. In Singapore, during the Circuit Breaker period, many things kind of came to a standstill and people were in less of a hurry. Even the ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) charges, road tolls, were waived because traffic was lessened. The ERP charges will soon be restored as traffic flow has increased and people are again in more of a hurry and rush, especially during peak hours.

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An American in EAST

“The shocking hot weather”, and “pedestrians waiting for traffic lights to turn green even when there are no cars coming.” These are some of the “cultural shocks” Jessica Yi (USA), then 23, first experienced in Singapore. And her favourite thing to eat? “Bubble tea,” she replies, “Sure we have it back home but the bubble tea here is a whole new level!”

Jessica came to Singapore to intern with the ACTS Ministry International (AMI) “Since I would be here for a year, I decided to study at EAST, which I found on the internet, to equip myself,” she says.

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