Affirmations & Appreciation at Chapel from an Alumnus

Hendra Bangun, our recent alumnus, was with us at Chapel last week. Shortly after his graduation, he was given the responsibility to lead a seminary in his hometown as president, on top of pastoral duties at his church.

Soon, BEST (Bethsaida Evangelical School of Theology, Medan) started incorporating a few familiar practices at EAST: having a pigeonhole-style student mailbox system and a mentoring group system of discipleship.

As a gesture of appreciation, Hendra shared how these blessed him at EAST:
(1) The many gifts of encouragement and blessing that came through his student mailbox
(2) The Mentoring Group community, which was one of his highlights at EAST
(3) The consultation times with teachers, which were full of insightful sharing

We are glad that Hendra’s journey of equipping at EAST has come to bless BEST along the way. Such is God’s unique way of multiplying the fruitfulness of the work here.

EAST will continue to work in partnership with BEST for the equipping and transformation of more leaders and believers to come.


Photos courtesy of Tan Eng Kwang

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