EAST Librarians: Mala and David

Faithful EAST Librarians: Mr David Lim (left) and Ms M Malarkody (right)

Before joining EAST, both Mala and David were civil servants.

“I enjoy interacting with students at EAST.  My joy is getting to know the students – both local and overseas and bond with them. The sadness is having to say goodbyes to the international students after their commencement ceremony. I had the opportunities to pray with the students, laugh with them and even cry with them. Having the student librarians have been a source of help and encouragement to me over the years.” Mala shared.

As for David, he recalled, “I joined EAST in 2019 and I was posted to work with Mala at the library. A year later on October 2020, we were faced with the challenge of setting up the library at the Joo Chiat Campus.  Because of space constraint, we had to downsize the book collection from 16,000 to 12,000 books.  It was a real challenge as we had to label the boxes, shelf the books systematically and it involved the physical labour of moving the books over.”

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