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Join a convo with Matthew Winslow (left) and Jarred Jung (right), EAST resident faculty


How is Theological Studies Applicable to Life and Ministry

Watch a video conversation between two faculty who teaches theology. EAST Resident Faculty, Matthew Winslow (PhD candidate) and Jarred Jung (PhD candidate), discussed why and how theology matters in a Christian’s life and its impact on personal and church ministry.

Matthew noted a key question that theological studies seek to address: “How do we interact with a world that’s changing so quickly and in a distinctly Christian and gospel-centred way?”

Consider coming for EAST eOpen House on Saturday, 18 February 2023, 9.30 AM to find out more about theological studies. Visit the event page for details and to sign-up (indicate Theological Studies as a discipline of interest).

“How does the church engage in culture? How does the church engage the world around it? If you are asking those kinds of questions, theological studies is actually a great option. The courses are going to help you take the next step. You get the biblical studies, then you learn what the Bible says; but then how do you apply that to the world, how do you apply that in the church. Theological studies is great for those who are wanting to do things like that,” added Jarred.

In addressing the misconception that theology is merely a study of what other theologians have written or just a bunch of theories, Jarred said, “Everyone is doing theology all the time…. Theology is just applying the Bible to life and that is what we hope to teach in our theological studies classes.” “Theology should be practical and at EAST we help to make it practical and applicable to students’ life,” stated Matthew.

“John Calvin once said that the right knowledge of God is born out of obedience and so you know doctrine and discipleship are always linked together…. I’ve been so encouraged to see students design projects where they can teach what they are learning in their own church, or how they can reorient their worship services because they have dug deep into the theology of worship, or thought carefully about some of these different things,” shared Matthew.

“In classes, everything that we do is connecting to the students’ lives and everything that we teach is aimed not just to the students but to those whom the students are going to minister,” explained Jarred.

Recently, Jarred wrote an article on where and how do we as believers go about trying to find biblically sound answers to issues that confront our lives and ministry. The article is entitled “Why Study Theology? Reasons for Seminary Studies”.


You can watch the 4-minute video below or click here to view it on YouTube.


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