From Crafts to Christ


All of us are called to live out the Great Commission. How then can we use our interests/talents for evangelism? For the longest time, I love beautiful things because of my background in fashion and interior design. God challenged me to use my interests/talents for His glory.

This 3-min. video made by my talented brother in Christ Mikeel Araña tells the story of my journey of starting Crafts Ministry. And all of us can use our God’s given talents for His glory! I hope it will be an encouragement to you! From Crafts to Christ, we can all learn this creative tool to live out the Great Commission in our daily lives!

Feel free to share this video to encourage others.

Mrs Josephine Li, the founder of Sisters In Ministry Toolbox, currently serves at East Asia School of Theology as lecturer at Partners-in-Ministry – a program to equip wives of ministers and seminary students to serve alongside their husband.

Josephine has equipped ministry leaders and women in various settings and countries in the past decade. She is a FUN and ENGAGING speaker for women’s retreats, youth conferences, churches, and training workshops. Her passion is to equip and empower women from different seasons of their lives to live out their Godly potentials. It’s her desire to provide ministry leaders and women with holistic, practical, and creative trainings for self-development and to serve more effectively in their ministry settings. Website: Email:



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