EAST Express Tabao Theology Podcast – Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away and EAST has put together a special Christmas 2-part podcast, available in both audio and video format!

This inaugural Christmas edition of EAST Express podcast features “Tabao Theology” which aims to give listeners valuable takeaways to help transform their thinking, feeling, and way of living on topics of the day. This two-part podcast features Anj Pantaleon (EAST MDiv student), Jacob Li and Jarred Jung (both EAST Resident Faculty) discussing trivia, truths, and theology about Christmas.

Questions asked included: Was Christ really born on December 25th? Shouldn’t we celebrate Christmas everyday? Is it okay to celebrate Christmas as early as September? Is Santa Claus real? What is incarnation? What does “conceived by the Holy Spirit” mean?… and many other questions. So, do tune in to YouTube or Spotify for the podcast episodes this Christmas.

Remember to share the podcast with your family and friends too!

Have a blessed Christmas!



The audio and video production is done by Anj Pantaleon and Mikeel Arana who are both EAST program students. Graphics design by Blessed Ong.


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