Hearing Each Other Out in Inter-generational Dialogue


East Asia School of Theology and Capelle Church Equip recently hosted an inter-generational dialogue titled “Hello, You’re Muted,” over the joys, challenges and hopes of Christian leaders across the generations.

The panel presented and interacted over three aspects of ministering across the generations. They engaged each other’s thoughts and constructively responded to a number of questions from the floor covering the generational challenges on multiple fronts. These include having conversations with (and between) children in the family, recognizing the merits of the different generations, having genuine interest and concern for the younger generations, responding well to leadership, recognizing the need to nurture upcoming generations, and cultivating a helpful culture of interaction that facilitates healthy conversations in the long run.

Each member of the panel represented a different age group covering the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. It was a lively discussion yet unifying and edifying in its desire to bless and which concluded with prayers of inter-generational blessings and thanksgiving.

May the event video (see below) be a useful resource for further reflection, discussion, and prayer in your church community. Use the YouTube Chapters feature to view by the above sub-topics.


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