Student Council AGM 2022


How have the Student Council (SC) been instrumental in developing community at EAST?

The answer to this question and more were part of the report made at the SC Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 25 March 2022.

The program was designed as a Thanksgiving Service and SC Annual Election. There was praise and prayer time as we thank God for: the graduating students; the events and activities of SC as reported by the Student President; testimonies of growth by SC members; and the casting of votes by the students for the next SC. The votes will be tallied and the final slate of elected candidates who have agreed to serve will be made known at a later date.

The outgoing multi-cultural multi-national Student Council 2021-2022 consisted of the following members:

Brandon Chan, President (Singapore)
Anj Pantaleon, Vice-President (Philippines)
Enkhmunkh E., Treasurer (Mongolia)
Sonali Moses, Prayer Coordinator (Sri Lanka)
Ta Eh, Fellowship Coordinator (Myanmar)

Join us in praising God for each who has invested time and effort to bless the EAST community with their acts of love and dedication. We are grateful too for the Dean of Students, Rev Dr Casey Lok, who mentored and shepherded the SC. See the video above for a visual report of the SC for the past year.

Please be in prayer for the confirmation of and installation of the next Student Council too. Shalom.

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