KCCC Korean Alumnus Updates from Seoul: Kim YuJin

L-R: Joy, Christine(9), Alice(6), Amy(15), YuJin

EAST News caught up with KCCC Korean Alumnus Eugene Kim YuJin who graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies in 2013. He and his wife Joy have since returned to South Korea and have been serving with Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC). YuJin is with the Leadership Development Human Resource (LDHR) department, focusing on Leadership Development and he helps to coordinate the Doctor in Ministry program which EAST and AGST are in collaboration in providing the KCCC staff with. Below is a short interview with YuJin.

  1. What made you decide to come and be equipped in EAST some years ago?

I wanted to do theology in English to broaden my knowledge and to experience life in a culture different from mine. Also, because many of the Korean CCC staff were already in EAST, I would have the certainty of getting help from them.

  1. How was your experience at EAST and in Singapore back then? What has helped you most in your ministry back in Korea?

Observing the mutual respect and cooperation among the faculty members has helped me to cultivate a similar atmosphere back in Korea. The excellent staff living out the gospel has made an impact on me. Class lessons and out-of-class ministries have also been a practical influence in my teaching and preaching ministry. Knowing the English language has helped me on behalf of KCCC HR Department to host delegates from other countries who speak only English.

My years at EAST have brought to my life many good friends and mentors. One such friend has become very dear and close to me. Currently I am having zooming sessions with my mentor once a week. We study the Word together and we share and pray over our concerns and challenges.
I am thankful to the Lord for giving me the rich opportunity to study at EAST.

  1. What is your ministry in Korea like now? Can you describe for us?

I am now serving in the Leadership Development Department in KCCC HR as one of the leaders. A major goal is to give sustained and continuing support to the existing staff so that they can develop and mature in their spiritual walk and ministry. For example, Korean CCC staff who graduated from overseas seminaries in association with EAST and AGST started the DMIN Cohort1. The staff are preparing the thesis in the area of ​​interest in the ministry field to which each individual belongs. And the next year, DMIN Cohort 2 will be started.

  1. How is your family doing adjusting back to Korea? Has the Covid-19 pandemic a been difficult time for your family?

Our family is coping well in Korea. Our second daughter, Christine, was born in Singapore and is now 9 years old. Time flies! The other daughters were born in Korea are well and healthy. Joy, my wife is teaching in our church and serves in the CCC women’s leadership team.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us. It caused families to be separated for some weeks. This teaches us how important and precious our family bond is.

Prayer requests for family and ministry:

  • Both Joy and I will discharge our respective ministries faithfully and wisely.
  • The wisdom to nurture our children in the fear of God.
  • To plan for KCCC and our church to keep in line with our government’s policies regarding the covid-19 challenges.

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